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World of Warcraft - Hunter Skills Introduction

  • World of Warcraft - Hunter Skills Introduction

        Hunters track, tame, and kill all kinds of animals and beasts found in the wild. Whether they rely on bows or arrows or firearms, hunters always treat their weapons and pets as their only good friends.

        Hunters are closely related to their pets, and remember to keep your pets happy at all times. When using a pet, the hunter will see an icon in the upper left corner of the screen indicating how happy their pet is. The more hunters use pets, the lower their happiness will become. Hunters should always remember to feed pets to make pets happy, otherwise their pets may abandon them or even attack hunters! Hunters are also the only races that can name their pets.

        The hunter is first and foremost a long-range attack. It also has melee attacks, but its long-range attacks far outweigh its melee capabilities. So this is doomed to the hunter's long-range damage value is very high, if you can compete with the hunter in close range, the opponent will basically die in the long distance. The high output of the long range damage value is a headache for every player. Maybe you can choose to use WOW Classic Gold to add your game characters and enhance the character's protection. For the purchase of Vanilla WOW Gold, you can click https. ://www.zzwow.com/ to view the details.

        About the hunter's pet skills
        Taming the Beast - Let the hunter train his pet with all the skills he has learned. This will open a menu that lets you choose the pet skills you already have. Master more pet skills by taming various pets. You can also teach other pets.
        Dissolve pets - dissolve your pet. Dissolving your pet will reduce its happiness X point.
        Resurrection Pets - Resurrect your pet to restore X% of its health.
        Treat pets - treat your pet X points per second. Lasts Y seconds. This is a humming skill, so it will terminate if you are attacked.
        Pet training
        You can teach other pets the skills you have learned from certain pets. The intention is to have a major pet and other pets to get the skills. You teach these new skills to your main pet until you get what you want. Currently only "roaring" can teach but there will be more skills later.

        More skills
        Tracking is only available to hunters; they learn this ability from hunter professional trainers. You can learn to track beasts, humans, undead, hidden, elements, demons, giants, and dragons at different levels.

    Guardian is a special animal-related gain magic that allows hunters to get special benefits from his animal friends. You can only use one guard at a time, which is similar to the Paladin's seal.
        The cheetah guardian - the hunter uses the cheetah guard to increase the speed of the movement X%. If the hunter is injured, they will be stunned for Y seconds. Only one guard can be used at a time. This can be used to travel or leave a monster so you can use a ranged weapon.
        Wild Guardian - Hunters and their teams use wild guardians to increase natural resistance to X points. Only one guard can be used at a time.
        Leopard Guardian - The hunter and his team use the Leopard Guard to increase the movement speed by X%. If a member is injured, he will be stunned for Y seconds. Only one guard can be used at a time.

        Set a trap to trick the monster into it and touch it. Using your ranged weapon (gun or bow) will make it easier. There are several different kinds of traps. Traps can only be set outside of combat. Only one trap can be used at a time.
        Explosion Trap - Sets a Fire Trap that explodes when the enemy approaches, causing X to Y fire damage and cauterizes all Z points in the B code for additional damage for A seconds. The trap will last for C minutes.