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Paladin's professional mission and characteristics

  • Paladin's professional mission and characteristics

        Professional mission
        Paladins can use swords, shields to guard their ally, or use both hands to fight against their enemies, ready to fight. The Holy Light gives the Paladin extra power to fight against the undead and the demons, ensuring that these unholy things will no longer corrode the world.
        Paladins are not just fanatics, they are also guardians of justice, they protect those who are illuminated by the light.
    The paladin will shine, and the companions standing next to them will be blessed by them.
        This is the mission of the Paladin: protecting the weak, eliminating injustice, bringing justice, and eliminating evil forces from the darkest corners of the world. These sacred warriors are equipped with plate armor so that they can fight against the most powerful enemies. Bright blessings can heal the wounds and, in some cases, resurrect the dead.

        Professional characteristics
        Powerful Paladins are trained to use the heaviest armor and shields and can use their skills to lock enemies.
    Protect the weaker members of their team.
        Melee damage
        The paladin infuse the sacred power in their weapons, causing additional damage from the attack.
        Holy Light, Blessing, and Seal
        According to the defenders of order, the paladins are extremely powerful in the team - their light, blessings and seals can improve the damage and vitality of them and their teams.
        The powerful healing power of the Paladin ensures that they and their allies are always in combat. In addition, the Paladin has a strong gold coin addition ability. If you use WOW Classic Gold in the game, it will have a very unexpected effect, ensuring that you can stay ahead in the camp. Now Cheap WOW Classic Gold is sales on the weisite: Vanilla WOW Gold. If you like it ,please add it into your Shopping Cart.

        History background
        In the first Orc War, the North County Abbey near Stormwind was destroyed and the Church of Light was devastated. Archbishop Alonsos Faw realized that the church must not only use the power of the Holy Light to save the people, but also use the power of the Holy Light to resist evil.
    In the Alonthos Chapel of Stratholme in the Kingdom of Lordaeron, the Knights of the Silver Hand was founded. Uther, Turalyon, Tirion Fordring, Saidan Dassohan, Gavinrad Doom became the first baptized paladin of the Knights of the Silver Hand, Uther was the Knights leader. Knights of the Kingdom of Lordaeron, such as Alexandros Mograine and Abidis, joined the Knights of the Silver Hand and expanded the strength of the Knights. Under the leadership of Uther, the silver hand followed Sir Anduin Lothar to fight all the way, eventually defeating the old tribe under the Blackrock Spire. In the war, the Knights even eliminated the extremely evil and powerful orc clan: the Fireblade clan.
    The Paladin is the backbone of the Alliance Army and its members are made up of humans and dwarves. In the bright churches all over the place, the knight tutor is responsible for training a group of trainee knights. They will be connected with the Light and become the believers and people of the Holy Light.

    In the third war, the leader of the Knights of the Silver Hand, Uther, was murdered by his dearest disciple, Arthas, and the Knights of the Silver Hand almost collapsed.