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WOW: Stalker skill use

  • WOW: Stalker skill use

        What the stalker is best at is the skill of stealth. Here are the two most important points.

        Use of stealth
        By using stealth, you can quietly get close to the monster and play a variety of skills, such as sap, backstab and ambush. If you don't sneak, the monster will turn around and attack you. Try to predict the action mode of the monster and then walk quietly behind it at the right time. Once your sneak has reached level 2, your actions will be faster, which is easy to do. The usual method of thieves' combat is to first use the stealth technique to quietly come behind the monster, and then use back stab, sap, ambush, sneak attack and other skills. Since the current monster is already at a disadvantage, the thief can continue to fight.

        Sneak control
        Sneak can also be used as a control. When the thief activates stealth, he sneaks close to the enemy without angering nearby monsters. Then the thief can hit one of the monsters with a sap, the time of the sap is 30 seconds for the NPC, and 10 seconds for the PVP.
    Combo points and finishing skills: There are many thieves' skills that can form combo points, which can later be used to complete a deadly "final" technique.
    The combo points display: After you win the first combo points, look at the monster name slot in the middle of the top of the screen. On the right side you will see a small lighted dot squinting at other unlit small dots. This is the combo point display. It tells you that you have a combo point. If you get another combo point, it will light up two points. By looking at this display you can see how many combo points you have stored and when to release them with a finishing touch. Take a look at the description of the finishing technique on your character's skill description and figure out the number of combo points needed for a particular effect.

    Different skills with WOW Classic Gold will produce augmentation of skills, which means that with the help of Classic WOW Gold, the stalker's attack and defense skills will be further increased. This game is simply invincible in the game limian, in addition, if the player feels that the upgrade is difficult, the equipment is difficult to find, then don't worry now, we have a game on behalf of the game, you only need to pay some fees, you can help you Fast grade, synthetic rare equipment, click on WOW Classic Power Leveling for details.

    Stalker skill introduction

        Pretending to Attack - Making a fake attack will not cause damage but will reduce the threat. The goal of this skill is to reduce the level of hatred of the monster to yourself, so that the target can attack another team member who is better equipped to withstand the attack, such as a paladin or a warrior.
        Disruption - Throw an object and draw attention to all monsters in the vicinity for X seconds. Will not destroy stealth. The transfer is still valid for monsters that have been disturbed.

        Blindness - blinds the target, letting it move at X% for Y seconds. The version requires blinding powder but is not needed now. This skill has become a physical skill. Any damage will end blindness.

        Street fight
    The "Evil Attack" TBC was renamed "Shadow" - this is the main skill used to generate combo points.
    Gouge - causes X damage and stuns opponent Y seconds. The goal must face you. Any damage done to the target will reduce the stun effect. This skill will give you time to escape, time to make additional attacks, or give you a chance to go back to the monster to use the backstab.

        Kick - Quickly kicks an enemy X point and prevents casting Y% for Z seconds. This skill should be used to interrupt the caster who is casting the spell. Pay attention to the animation of its casting, then wait until there is enough energy to kick. Excellent thieves are very good at using kicks.
    Cutting (Final Technology) - Increases the melee attack speed by X%. Each additional combo point will last longer. You only need to enhance this skill to be fast enough during the battle. If you fight with multiple enemies, you will find it very effective to use this skill to focus on one enemy, release it, and then use this speed to deal with the second monster.