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WOW: Shaman Wizard's Magic Summary

  • WOW: Shaman Wizard's Magic Summary

    Special magic
    Water Breathing - If you need to go through a very wide area of ​​water, this ability can help you, it allows you to ride on the water and ride on the water. This spell can be cast to other players.
    There are some other very cool abilities after the high level.
    You should cast a hot totem at the beginning of the battle and cast a direct damage spell (lava burst or a lightning bolt) to attract the monster. If the monster casts a spell, you can use a geodabilization to prevent it from casting (or healing). If you are not teaming up, put a lightning shield on yourself to make sure your weapon has been strengthened by spells and then put into battle. Sometimes casting a stone claw totem can attract monsters and give you enough time to heal yourself or escape. The totem trap prevents the monster from escaping, and then hits the spell or directly damages the spell to get it.
    You have several development directions to choose from, from defensive heavy armor, high defense and defense talent to focusing on spellcasting, such as high mana, spell specialization, and more.

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    The shaman has four totems: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. These four totems also correspond to four kinds of magic.

    Water magic
    Healing Wave – treating a friendly target. This is your healing spell. It is also your most important spell.
    Frostbrand Weapon – Gives weapons the opportunity to inflict additional ice damage and slow down the target. This spell works well with the totem totem to deal with monsters that want to escape.

    Air Magic
    Lighting Bolt - Direct damage magic, used to attack or attract monsters. You can specialize in electricity or fire, and use lava bursts when you specialize in fire.
    Lightning Shield - Organic rate is dealt damage to those who attack this spell protector. There are certain restrictions on the number of damages. This ability is useful for protecting your target and causing additional damage.

    Fire Magic
    Flame Shock – Burns a target and deals damage for a certain amount of time. Use this spell if you will fight monsters for a long time. It would be a waste if you use this for monsters that will soon hang.
    Flametongue Weapon – Increases the damage of fire on your weapon. This ability will add a stunning flame effect to your weapon, which will appeal to the player's eye. You can cast this ability while running.
    Molten Blast – direct damage spell. You can choose to use it instead of Lightning Bolt. You can even specialize in the fire system and then use the spell to do the main attack.

    Earth Magic
    Earth Shock - A direct damage spell that can also be used to interrupt a spell. You can cast this spell while running.
    Rockbiter Weapon - Increases the additional damage of each attack.