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  • Patek Philippe-Alarm Time Ref 5520P Patek Philippe's internal self-winding movement AL 30-660 SC FUS has impressed collectors with four patents in the new 574-component self-winding movement. Travelers around the world will wait in line for "Alarm Travel Time", which includes 24-hour alerts and tra...
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HublotBig Bang 45 mm Red Sapphire Baguettes 411.JR.4901.RT.1902

  • Hublot 411.JR.4901.RT.1902 Big Bang Unico 45 mm Red Sapphire Baguettes watch for sale

    I would say Hublot Techframe Ferrari is one of the cheap mens watches I most expect to see at the 2017 Basel International Clock and Watch Jewelry Show - not because it was designed by Ferrari, but because it was. I want to see the details and appreciate it for myself, and then look at the images I've taken, not just the computer rendering. I must add that I am surprised and disappointed at the same time. The execution, design and details of the case are absolutely unbelievable. Satin polished titanium alloy variants are my favorite. Although PEEK Carbon looks very high-tech, its black color is more distracting and brings a sense of aggression from the fascinating appearance of the case.

    What is disappointing is the ratio: Hublot Techframe Ferrari 45 mm wide and 14.80 mm thick - the typical size of modern highly complex watches. What the specification does not say is how long the watch actually is: for beginners, the ear extends a long distance from the edge of the dial (or, more precisely, the nonexistent ring) and they do so at a fairly flat angle. Adding more length to the wristwatch is the hard rubber strap, which connects them to the ear structure in a way that allows them to stretch more, making Hublot Techframe Ferrari a very, very long watch - if you measure the natural extension of the rubber strap at the farthest point, although it has a hygienic width of 45 mm, it is one. It's a very thin and long watch.

    The Hublot HublotBig Bang 45 mm Red Sapphire Baguettes 411.JR.4901.RT.1902 Techframe Ferrari powered by the HUB6311 core, equipped with 253 components - not much for the single-button timer of the flywheel - runs at 3Hz and provides a five-day power reserve.

    However, ergonomics is not in the back seat, because if you have a particularly wide wrist, it has a very comfortable luxury swiss watches - the watch is light, the strap is well integrated, and the materials and buckles are comfortable. For example, in the picture above, you can see how well the case and strap hug the wrist. What you can't see from this angle is that the other side of the watch sticks out of Ariel's wrist - I don't like the idea that anyone with a wrist under 7.25 (maybe more like 7.5) can wear it and watch it. It's great. I spent so much time explaining this, because I really like and appreciate Hublot Techframe's high-tech aesthetics.

    . The color and construction of the core are high-tech and cooling, and the bridge is treated with ruthenium anthracite. However, this is not a traditional sport of high-end clock decoration: without wearing or Geneva stripes, everything is wearing this 21st century light gray - reminiscent of today's engine block, more than the watches of the past.

    This is a very complex shape, with all the lugs and rings flowing into it, not to mention the integration of the red strap quick release actuator or all the space that may be lost in the case. It really encourages people to take a different view of the case design and how to use space more creatively in watches. Additional details include a red button designed to mimic some Ferrari interior components, which are actually used to start, stop and reset the single button timer. Because the mechanical sympathizer of the frustrated ape thought it best not to ask and just started pulling the lever on Baselworld, it was broken on one of the watches (Titanium replicas hublot watches , if I remember correctly), so if it looks fragile, that's why.