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    While the NOC focuses on network performance and availability, a Security Operations Center (SOC) is made up of tools and staff who monitor, detect and analyze the security status of an organization 24x7x365.   NOC technicians are looking for problems that could impede network speed and avail...
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Shit player is shit participant whatever the spec

  • No, I presumed that elitism forcing or pigeon holing you into a spec they deem best is exactly what makes people dicks. And even when the enhancement shaman pulls aggro. Enhancement in the hands of a skilled player will be looking for that. So who is assuming now? Assuming that individuals who wish to play specs that they like vs what is meta are automatically bad with wow gold classic? Nearly every tape set, possibly with the exception of Naxx can readily be performed by less than half of a raid group. And if you consider there may not be extra content added to WoW Classic. Racing throughout the material will just burn out you. In these 40 slots you will naturally get a heart of healers and tanks. All other 20 +slots could be filled with people you enjoy no matter spec.

    I dont really get what's the argument about at this point - ofc its own enh shaman fault if he pulls aggro, his fault is bringing incorrect spec... skilled enh participant who prevent pulling aggro? This basicly means not performing damage and offhealing rather which automobile invalidates spec he attracted, might also respec into resto now, proficient player understands that and just play all of the specs and just respec between raids and other pursuits. You also miss the point I was creating, I agreed you can complete the raid with 20 individuals but that's for the stage of the server when you're overgearing content and also then if say you've got people who snore position who just left premade to attend the raid... they wish to muscle in 30-40mins to return to grinding since competition for high standing is pretty tight at later ranks. When we speak about progression raids... during development raids you're undergeared and need efficiency because errors costs you a wipe at this stage, to compensate for which you take metagamed tactics, specs, world buffs etc.. Later once you and your guild outgear articles and also have friends who consented to carry your funzies spec you can do anything you want, I don't have any issue with that.

    Shit player is shit participant whatever the spec, that is a given and I don't argue that - point I was making would be... no matter how proficient I had been as a pve and pvp hunter (and I was rather top dog) when I specced into survi melee hunter I wouldn't do my own job, not because I'm bad but since class/game was not supposed to make it a viable option for raids - thus option to respec was executed and capped at 50g its joke price when as a hunter its (depending on economy) only one solo tribute run to earn that amount. Its not automatically bad to play anything spec but if you are a mainly dps class and deliver suboptimal spec then you are just tasking other members of your raid to take you, raids are team effort and denying to respec into optimum spec is selfish at best... hint of a scrub who decided to dismiss years of strong data at worst.

    Ofc you can band with different people who share your spirit of enjoying vanilla and have fun together such and wiping but don't frown upon people who seek something else in WoW Classic with best classic wow gold site - rushing through material as a competition between guilds is a thing a lot of men and women enjoy and that I do not see why folks would snore that. Thats how vanilla was designed and thats a key reason why only a few% of vanilla players stepped into naxx40.