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  •     Since the launch of the 8.0 expansion "Clash of Azeroth", the designer has also presented players with a lot of new game content. In addition to the most basic PVE content-the team copy and the five secret copy of the Great Rift, there are also Many games suitable for casual players,...
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Didn't really desire classic World of Warcraft

  • "That is one of the things we want to make sure we tackle, that is one reason we put up this post on the community forums," Birmingham said. "We need people to understand that just as you view it in the demonstration now, it doesn't mean that is precisely the way its going to work. This is a demo and we wanted to make sure wow gold classic that for your demonstration, individuals want to revolve around the simple fact that we restore the original abilities, we restored the first quest content, we restored the original terrain in the areas, and we want to make sure everyone had a chance to observe that's in."

    "And obviously, the sense of community and a massive population coming together is something which we want to recreate as well," he continued. "That's not something that could've been ran to individuals seeing everything else at the demonstration, we want people to have the opportunity to see that. As you said, this really is a demo, it is a really different scenario from live, so we made different decisions to the demo than what we would have done ."

    After spending years telling fans they didn't really desire classic World of Warcraft (i.e., the game as it used to be pre-expansions), Blizzard finally capitulated and declared World of Warcraft Classic, which is precisely what the name sounds like--an official host that will host World of Warcraft since it used to be back in the day.

    Now, at Blizzcon, Blizzard announced more information about World of Warcraft Classic, including that it will be outside in 2019 (which can be fairly soon!) , and that it will be free for all current subscribers with wow classic gold trade. This is certainly good news, and likely not somenthing that a lot of people might have been anticipating --essentially, provided that you subscribe, now you can bounce back and forth between classic and modern World of Warcraft.