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    ????????Thông báo:Boss Uyên vừa có buổi họp với ban lãnh đạo công ty và các giám đốc đứng đầu các thị trường toàn cầu. Trong thời gian qua , Edunetwork chỉ là giai đoạn đầu khởi động,  hoàn thiện sản phẩm, làm quen thị trường để hiểu được văn hoá từng quốc gia, cũng như hiểu được mong muốn...
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Warfronts can visit Darkshore for something new

  • I love Blizzard not wanting to discuss any info until they have something more tangible on hand, but I sincerely hope, for Warcraft lovers, that they'll have the ability to show some thing some time soon with classic wow gold. A fair number of them are probably getting antsy.

    Tides of Vengeance seeks to tackle numerous complaints which fans have had since the expansion launched, along with introducing heaps of new content, such as story quests, a new Warfront, etc. Have a look at the trailer and survival guide below to get a fast rundown.

    As such, players at both the Alliance and Horde factions will take part in quests to explore characters such as Tyrande, Malfurion, and Saurfang. New War Campaign quests are also live, so you are going to be heading to the contrary faction's territory too. For Isle Expeditions, lively events like fending off enemies from Azerite Extractors and new rewards will shake up the encounter.

    Those considering Warfronts can visit Darkshore for something new. New armour looks, Faction Assaults, class changes (including some abilities no longer being tied to global cooldowns) and even more will also be included. Have a look at the entire patch notes here for more information.

    At BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard may have disappointed on the Diablo front, but the event was a good one for Warcraft fans. Besides announcing a remastered Warcraft 3, Blizzard also verified that after many, many years of need by fans, they will finally be releasing World of Warcraft Classic, the vanilla edition of the game that first launched over a decade ago, devoid of all of the many, many changes and additions Blizzard has made for it since.

    One topic that has been particularly pertinent among World of Warcraft's playerbase -- essentially all MMOs in general, actually -- is that of sharding, that can be a method of controlling host inhabitants by having players at the exact same geographical regions be not able to see or interact with one another within the host with UP TO 8% CLASSIC BONUS. Asked in an interview with WoW Head whether World of Warcraft Classic could have sharding, Blizzard's Brian Birmingham explained that it's something which the developer is looking into.