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Madden 20 October Update

  • In the October update of Madden 20, Keenan Allen will replace Antonio Brown as the new superstar x-factor receiver. Antonio Brown is currently under police investigation for alleged sexual assault and rape. After being released by the English Patriots in September, Currently not on the NFL roster, and this season is also unable to participate in the NFL game, due to the current situation, EA in this update, replaced with Keenan Allen.

    Keenan Allen is a catcher from the Los Angeles Lightning team. His ability to replace Antonio Brown as the new superstar x-factor receiver is well deserved. He has a very bright performance in this year's new season. He is catching the ball in four games. (34) and code (452) are the leaders of the alliance. He also had three touchdowns during the year. In Madden 20, Keenan Allen ranked 92 this season, but his fiery status has kept his scores up and he is now one of the best catchers in the game, winning superstars. After the x-factor, it will be the fifth all-around receiver in this game, alongside DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr. and Michael Thomas. For him, only 27, this is a great achievement. The future can be expected. If you need to Buy MUT 20 Coins to unlock Keenan Allen, GameMS is a reliable choice, and now is the best time to have him.

    This time he became one of the 50 superstars in the game. He has become a superstar upgrade. Now he has the RAC'em Up" X-element ability, which "wins [catch-up] in a single report. Victory. He was also awarded the "Super Slot Machine" ability, which will improve his route and catching ability when driving from a slot position on a short distance, he will become even better.

    As for Antonio Brown, his future in the NFL and Madden series is still uncertain. Even if he is not under investigation, after the raiders have passed this offseason, will any team be willing to seize the opportunity on him? As a Madden 20 player, using a small amount of Madden 20 Coins to unlock him maybe a surprise option, GameMS provides you with news.