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The next Call of Duty title is still scheduled for 2020

  • Activision has once again confirmed that, despite the success of Warzone, a new Call of Duty game will come this year.During post-earnings call with investors, Activision executives revealed some interesting details about the rest of FY2020 the company. With some stellar results in the first quarter on the back of Warzone and purchase the game, Activision is looking to the future.

    While details about the next game is not together, including plans for an Xbox or PS5 Series X, Alegre stated that the CoD franchise remains a key pillar of the company.

    Back in February, executives spend some time describing the current state of the series, which shortly before the launch of COD: Warzone and before mass deployment COVID-19. New Call of Duty is, not surprisingly, confirmed for release this year, but no details were shared regarding Call of Duty 2020. In the past, they have arrived around May with extended gameplay comes in June during E3, but there will be no E3 this year.

    In addition to talking about what's next for COD, executives at Activision Blizzard also made time to talk about how the pandemic has affected the company. During this conversation, Alegre also assured employees and investors by stating that "the true ingenuity and input from the team, we manage through this." During mass shelter-in-progress, CEO Bobby Kotick even provide employees with personal number, allowing anyone to text or call him at any time. In a presentation to investors, executives also raise awareness of the need for mental health for employees, while emphasizing how the company has made a donation to charity, including the company's Call of Duty Endowment Program for military veterans.

    Warzone have recently reached 60 million players and Modern Warfare is now the most popular games and selling of the entire franchise. From a financial perspective, Modern Warfare and Warzone has allowed Activision to generate more than $ 956 million through microtransactions since January 2020. Stay tuned to 5mmo.com and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap COD MW Points for players.