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The hidden property in POE Goods

  • Since 2014, it has been three years since I played POE intermittently. Because it is an office worker and has a short game time, I have never made any achievements in the field of in-depth research. But POE is really the only online game I played after Warcraft. The production team is very careful in all aspects, so I always wanted to write something, leaving me the mark of the game I played. But because it is not a big god, it is impossible to write.

    It wasn't until I found something interesting, and everyone shared it with a warm response. It started.

    Say a few points before saying:

    1. All the content shared is my own subjective judgment, not necessarily right, please do not be true.

    2. All the sharing, based on "fun", is to add a little bit of adjustment to the exciting upgrade process.

    3. GGG is a god-like developer in my heart. Its status is close to Miyazaki Hideo (the soul series producer). All the "coincidence" and "similarity" do not mean to derogate GGG. It is pure entertainment.

    Enter the topic, talk today poe currency.

    I believe that most people are not playing this game because of the setting of POE, but everyone is amazed that GGG has designed such a "retro" economic system.

    This retro can be said to be a shocking ghost, directly jumped out of the history of the game, jumped out of the history of civilization, jumped to the beginning of the human origins of the wilderness - to barter.

    Now I remember the first time I traded with the players in 2014, I handed over a necklace, and the other gave me a bunch of remodeling stones, magic stone, chaotic stone, artisan stone and scrolls. (Think now, it is estimated that Being caught by Xiao Ming), the wonderful thing is like the experience of the primitive society.

     The road to exile is interesting to discover those hidden in GGG currency

    With the gradual understanding of the background setting of the POE, I have to admire that these foreigners are really playing games with their heart. Imagine that a group of criminals were exiled to a continent that had been destroyed thousands of years ago. It’s a miracle that the creatures on the ground can survive. What currency is it? Living, can you still have an organization capable of producing a currency system? Everyone is so okay to do it. Everything is needed. If there is anything worthwhile on the body, give it something. If there is nothing, give it up!

    However, what I want to share today is not "setting". I haven't interviewed GGG for this thing, and I haven't found any information. It's a bit irresponsible to talk about it. Today, I share the small meaning of various currency icons.

    Everyone is constantly collecting C, selling things for C, but it is estimated that many people have not seen this C icon carefully↓

     The road to exile is interesting to discover those hidden in GGG currency

    Chaos Orb, a new full-gold face behind a golden face that is separated from the left and right.

    Personal Interpretation: The separated golden face represents the old rare equipment attributes, and the new golden face represents the newly emerging rare equipment attributes. The reason why this currency is called Chaos Stone, it should be that GGG feels that the random gold-washing property is a kind of "completely uncontrollable chaotic state". It may not be officially encouraged to use C to wash equipment.