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New explain about exalted orb and regal orb

  • Exalted Orb, the icon is three faces + one face that is not generated or turned down. Look carefully at the bottom right corner is a newly created new "face" that has not yet been fully formed.

    Personal Interpretation: This is a noble stone... This icon is well understood. Several faces represent the attributes already found on rare equipment. The newly generated face represents the new attribute, which fits perfectly with the role of the sublime stone. The name of this stone has already determined his nobleness.

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    Regal Orb, the icon is a left and right split face, half blue and half gold, the blue part can see the reflection and texture, it looks rough.

    Personal Interpretation: An icon that is better understood, upgrades the blue magic item to a golden rare item. Since it is still the piece of equipment and the two magical affixes do not change, it is a face change, no new face. What's more interesting is that this stone can be exchanged for a set of 75 items or more. The 75 is replaced by chaotic stone. The official positioning of this stone is actually higher than the chaotic stone. Less, its consumption is small (or too many people mistakenly use C to wash equipment, resulting in increased consumption of C) and stable output and many other factors, resulting in the value of this stone are smaller than the chaotic stone.

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    Vaal Orb, the icon is similar to the chaotic stone, except that the separated and newborn are red exaggerated faces that represent the Queen's "corruption."

    Personal interpretation: The structure similar to the chaotic stone, representing Valbo, also has a strong uncertainty, and will completely rot the equipment, so this equipment is no longer gold, it is no longer a golden normal face, but It is a red exaggerated face.

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    Orb of Chance, if you have been exposed to literary jade, you should understand that the icon is something like "gambling stone", which comes out of the "tactile" of blue, gold and dark gold.

    Personal Interpretation: The role of the opportunity stone, a gray ordinary equipment, has the opportunity to become three qualities of blue, gold, dark gold, and the blue "tactile" is the largest, the gold is second, the dark gold is the smallest, the hint becomes The chances of three types of equipment.

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    Ancient Orb, a very old dark gold or rusty face, look closely, the lower left part of the face is fresh dark gold, and the upper right part is weathered and old rusty.

    Personal interpretation: The whole is dark gold, which means that this stone acts on dark gold equipment. As for the other dark gold that is randomly turned into the same part, it will cater to the experience of “explore ancient secrets”. To be honest, the feeling of ancient stone is quite Great, but the low probability of dark gold equipment is still a low probability, don't lie to yourself.