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Path of Exile: How to survive in the begining

  • At 3.7, I installed a 1080 graphics card for the computer, in order to play the legendary super-flash card genre. I have to say that the flashing genre is a refreshing. But you have to minimize the effect. The strange picture is not too dare to brush. When I was level 99, I washed a few times and the attack frequency of the flash hit reached 0.06 seconds. The result was an accident. That day, my friend came to my house, took my number, opened the effect, and played a picture of a dozen words… The video card was scrapped.

    Now 3.8 is out. Think about it carefully and find that I fell in love with the flash (the kind of one-click clear map feeling, really, super cool, even when I just played, I have to go to the toilet to vomit after playing for an hour), I heard that there is a Flashing, I guess I can also go in as a fanatic.

    Talk about the experience of Flash, although I only played for a season, but the four flashing mechanisms have tried.


    The Euro Flash is supposed to be the most easily formed in all flashes. You don’t need a crit like the execution of Longsword, you can take off when you get a chance.

    2. Execution Longsword

    Longsword is the fastest, because as long as the level of 51, but the later output and survivability compared to Euro, always feel a little worse. There may be two reasons for this: First, excessive heap crit, equipment and talent are somewhat obsessive. Second, the damage of Longsword is still too small compared to Euro 600.

    3. Knights sublimation

    In fact, it is this that can be played earlier than the execution of Longsword, as long as 33. But playing BOSS is not very powerful, and often breaks the ball, so my potion chooses the ball water and insecticide. Get more than 80% of the equipment through some equipment or skills to get green balls (such as green ball sword, green shoes, blood anger, even I have done the game with active skills furious, tears ing).

    4. New bloodshed flash in version 3.7

    I want to say a little more about this. It must be said that the damage is higher than the above three, this is higher, the reason may be that the weapon is no longer bound, and the ball is stable. The shortcomings are also obvious, and the negative of bleeding is too great. I first used the electric claw fraudster CI and the electric claw to execute the sentence. I always feel so crisp, although there are more than 7,000 shields / nearly 6000 blood. After trying the above three, it is already in mid-February. The lofty price has become very cheap, I went to scouring a few weapons that were injured by 3T1 elements. With punishment, guards, judges, elements, thugs, dregs have all tried (all to level 90), but still feel that there is a problem with the output, or can not stand, although occasionally can pass T17. In the end, I found that by binding a Lim book, and clicking on the things near the door of the knight’s talent, I was able to use a weapon with high physical damage. At the end of the day, I was a pair of black sharks, full of guards guarded (with a lot of dark gold and jewels), and a full-fledged CI fraudster, all at level 99.

    3.8, I don’t know what can be done to strengthen the flash. I really want to go to the international service to try, but the English is not good, I want to be the next Chinese version of the A major released yesterday, Exalted Orb is not enough. As a 3.0 to join the POE, 15 hours a day to ensure that online, the effort to learn the new, in order to obtain Exalted Orb, resolutely not paste, write a small spit – to pay homage to my graphics card.