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Path of Exile Headhunter Flashback

  • The S8 season has been more than a month. As a three-month-old update, the Path of Exile finally came to the S8 flashback season. Since PoE Headhunter is worth a lot of PoE Exalted Orbm players without Headhunter must have been unable to finish the Legion rewards and can only look at the face silently. Feeling sad, even the strongest whirlwind of the S8 without Headhunter.

    Fortunately, the official has realized this problem, so it started the flashback mode once a season, and joined the Leghunter in it, enough to make countless players feel happy. (Feeling this wave down, the price of Headhunter will drop a bit.)

    Although Headhunter’s opening hours are limited to a certain extent (8:00 to 12:00 pm, good guys are purely a victory for the leisure party!), but for the good emperor, I am sure that the customs will start to resell the story tonight. Something is gone. Has been baptized by experts last season, this season is still better to choose the ordinary district. (Playing the 5th Army still needs to be stable)

    Or let’s talk about the process of the Legion. In the Battle of the Five Legion, the player needs to open the ancient Den Small Rock that appears in the map, and then trigger the Legion. After breaking the film, the Legion Monster will appear, and the monster will have a special reward sign. , Skill Gems, PoE currency, weapons, artifacts, Prophecy Challenger Trophy, etc.) will kill the corresponding items. At the same time, the slug of the corresponding legion will be obtained during the killing process. 100 synthetic Imprints can be placed in the mapper to open. (ie, with the five armies shouting on the public screen)

    It must be said that the Path of Exile is really the performance of all the seasons, enough to let the players feel the official sincerity, last season’s memory is also a profound impact on the players. You can get PoE Chaos Orb and other PoE currency by slain monsters orb purchases from vendors. However, the only regret is that the repetitiveness of the previous plot is too high. In order to re-experience the story for a number (it has been experienced for twenty times, and it takes 9 hours for each killing.) It is difficult to open up the land. But the experience is sufficient.

    Headhunter Flashback is still worth playing. Headhunter: When you defeat a rare monster, you get its special attributes in a short time, plus a popular core in the past season, enough to make players addicted.
    1. “Pioneer” affixes: 3 additional pioneers will appear on the map.
    2, “Abyss” affixes: an additional abyss will appear on the map
    3, “Blood” affixes: there will be 3 additional magic monsters on the map, magic monsters have blood attributes
    4, “vengeance” affixes: there will be 3 additional rare monsters on the map, rare monsters have revenge affixes
    5, “Prandes” affixes: 2 additional Prandants The Hoarder will appear on the map, and have a chance to encounter NPC Cadillac
    6, “Beyond” affixes: fast killing monsters will attract enemies from beyond
    7, ” pain” “affixes: there will be 3 additional sinful souls on the map
    8, “ambush” affixes: 2 additional Strongbox will appear on the map
    9, “Breach Challenger Trophy” affix: an additional Breach Challenger Trophy will appear on the map
    10, “Aggression” affixes: 2 additional invaders will appear on the map
    11, “chaos” affixes: 2 additional thieves exiles will appear on the map
    Plus flashback will give the player a special reward, you can get the arrival level, so what are you waiting for? Download it now, and start it right away.