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World of Warcraft: the confrontation between new players and ol

  • World of Warcraft: the confrontation between new players and old players


    In the many different ways in which World of Warcraft has folded time and space from the past to the present, my favorite is the generation gap between old players and novices. As a member of the old game, when I met with people who had never experienced the original state of World of Warcraft, I felt warm and awkward. I feel like a sherpa: I finally have a chance to show rather than tell the story of the ancient Azeroth. But there is a heated debate that is tearing the relationship between veterans and novices. Because in the early days to simplify the infamous dungeon "Deadmines" in the game, there was an endless war between the novices and the old players.

    For laymen, The Deadmines is the first experience that most league players play in a dungeon. In the depths of a forgotten Westphal quarry, you will find the mighty Edwin VanCleef driving his Titan and leading the Defias Alliance's internal sanctuary. He has been one of the most iconic adventures in game history from the past to the present.

    When I started online games in 2005, I always abbreviated the VanCleef dungeon as VC. So, in jargon, you might see messages like "seeking a VC's healer" or "LFG VC" appearing in the forum because the players are trying to summon five friends to challenge the dungeon. Click https://www.ffwow.com/wow-classic-gold to view the details.


    The strangest thing is that no other dungeon in the game is referred to by the initials of its ultimate boss. But the reason we didn't use the more obvious DM is actually based on some elegant logic. Shortly after the release of World of Warcraft, Blizzard released Dire Maul, a large maze in the ruins of the elves. So players like to refer to it as DM.

    To summarize: "LFG VC" means you are looking for a Deadmines group, and "LFG DM" means you are looking for a Dire Maul group.