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World of Warcraft Classic: the best fishing spot for leveling a

  • World of Warcraft Classic: the best fishing spot for leveling and gold



    Characters are an important part of World of Warcraft Classics because they provide players with a lot of important items, such as weapons with bonus effects or healing spells. Unique attributes can enhance the way you make money. Fishing in the game is a very useful faction. Using fishing will help you solve a lot of problems in the game and also get you a bonus.



    In World of Warcraft Classic, game characters are mainly divided into two categories. They are primary and secondary respectively. Players learn two basic skills, but can learn three intermediate skills. Fishing is a secondary role, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't matter. On the contrary, it offers a variety of benefits, knowing when and where to fish is difficult, but it is very easy for this character. So we have a handy guide to help you. Click on FFWOW to see the gold that is right for you. Now click on https://www.ffwow.com/wow-classic-gold to get a 5% discount.



    How to fish in World of Warcraft Classic

    First of all, you must first learn fishing skills. There are many places to learn skills. You can choose to find a fishing trainer from any major city in the world or from a college in the capital. And learn fishing skills from him (such as goldshire).



    Once you have learned the skill, you need to buy a fishing rod, and it's all done very well.

    After purchasing the fishing rod, you only need to find the nearest waters, then click on your fishing skills to put the hook into the water. What you need to do at this time is to wait for the fish to be hooked at the lake.


     WOW Classic Gold

    You will see a floating float near the waters you are fishing in. Now you need to wait patiently and wait for the splash. After a while, the fish will be hooked. When the splash is splashed, you need to right-click on the float to complete the fishing. You will get a goldfish after you have finished fishing.