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Simple info about WOW classic

  • Simple info about WOW classic



    When it comes to World of Warcraft classic servers, it's important to choose the most appropriate game type. Your choice will limit where you start and go to a special team. Because in cross-domain games, including cross-domain space, select group options are no longer part of the Warcraft classic.



    Players' demand for servers is large enough that Blizzard has added many new servers in North America and the European Union, and has increased the capacity of existing servers. The official team's improvements to the game allow players to create up to 10 game characters in the same server. If players want to log in to the classic version of Warcraft, please upgrade your game client first, and select the classic mode in the drop-down button of the client PLAY.



    Before you create a game character, you first need to decide which field to put the newly created character in. The game offers a variety of different types of fields for players to choose from. From PVP mode, PVM mode to World of Warcraft classic server role play. You must always keep the game characters consistent on the server and avoid those unreasonable servers. Buy World of Warcraft Gold now at https://www.mmowts.com/ and enter the "Halloween" code to enjoy 8% off.



    How many people are there?

    The World of Warcraft classic server list on the login screen will show you how many players are in your chosen field. Highly saturated areas often need to be queued in, and the population area is often not affected too much. Blizzard has recently raised the population ceiling for each server, so there is still room for new players in the areas where the players are full. This means that more people will flood into the field and will become crowded, and the more opponents you have to face.


     MMOWTS Halloween Event

    When the game is very hot, queuing is really a very objectionable thing. It is like the first week of the Warcraft Classic just released, a lot of congestion makes the user's emotions extremely irritating.