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The new World of Warcraft version seems to have leaked

  • The new World of Warcraft version seems to have leaked



    In the time when Blizzcon 2019 is held less than a week away, every official announcement seems to reveal the major version of this year's update, and the latest leak seems to include World of Warcraft. Due to the launch of World of Warcraft Classic, it once again caused a sensation among players. More specifically, it seems that the details of the new version of the game are well known. If the leak is legal - the point is - then Blizzard's long-running MMO's next extension is called Shadowland, and the Lich King is his biggest feature. It is not clear where the root cause of the game leak is, but the importance of his inclusion is clear.




    Unfortunately, the details of the leak did not show anything else. But he does bring a new game character image to the players. Some fans are guessing, for example, where is the Lich King's eyes? Does this mean that the Nerby Group is being controlled again? Perhaps the eye is the signal that Bolivar mobilized the Scourge. Unfortunately, all the players can do now is speculation.


    Of course, like the situation of other games, we are holding a wait-and-see attitude. There is also no evidence that this must be true. Having said that, Blizzard has been like a leaking ship as described above. In addition, Blizzard's games have had many leaks. Halloween is currently being held in World of Warcraft, and Halloween events are also being held at https://www.mmowts.com/, and now the World of Warcraft gold code "Halloween" can be reduced by up to 8%.



    Blizzcon 2019 is scheduled to land on November 1 and will almost certainly include some important World of Warcraft news. Therefore, even if this is not legal, fans of World of Warcraft will soon like it.


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    After all, so far, all published messages are unconfirmed leaks, no official comments, only guesses. However, if BlizzCon can become an epic movie as Blizzard expects, the new update will be the perfect choice to attract its World of Warcraft audience. Click on MMOWTS for more details.