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How to prepare an alternate character for World of Warcraft 8.3

  • How to prepare an alternate character for World of Warcraft 8.3



    World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth has been considered one of the most unfriendly updates in the minds of World of Warcraft players.


    Players who want to control multiple characters at the same time cannot escape this limitation, that is, how to obtain the reputation and materials of the key "essential"-WOW Classic Gold, just as they treat their main characters, and these "essentials" are in the heart The center of Azeroth.


    In this guide, I will show you how to prepare a new alt for the upcoming 8.3 patch that will be released on January 14th, the content brought by the Visions of N’Zoth update.


    Players will find hope in the dark night before dawn: Blizzard Entertainment has made the clues of the entire game clearer by publishing updated content, proving that cross-account nature is possible, and new patches are down (unfortunately, when your (The character level has been upgraded to level 3.) This can be done; we hope to see more of this in the near future.


    But until then, this is the fastest way to prepare a new character for 8.3. Prepare a main character, see the companion guide, "How to Prepare a Protagonist for World of Warcraft 8.3".


    Set the toon value to 120


    The fastest way to get a new character to 120 levels is to pre-order the hero version or better new version updates in advance. This will give you a 120-level character upgrade, which includes 390 item-level gear and a decent epic gear, which is really a good choice for a new character.


    If you are upgrading an existing character, this will be a moment not to be missed. Don't forget to buy those heirloom upgrades! Because they have now risen to level 120. Buy WOW Classic Gold is a very common thing for Warcraft players. It can help you save a lot of time and energy. Now zzwow is holding a special promotion. Players can buy the cheapest Warcraft Gold when they place an order.


    Then enter Colac's Revenge, the classic Alterac Valley battlefield, which is part of the 15th anniversary of Warcraft. Until January 7, when the event ends in North America, you will gain passive experience enhancements for alts on the battlefield. A little increase from 100-110, but the increase from 110-120 is very obvious; with the heirloom and the 15th anniversary experience pack of the celebration pack, you will get 1.5-2 levels per battle.


    If you are still 100-110, please note that Legion Invasion is still a good extension.