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wow8.3 usher in the first update maintenance

  • A few days ago, World of Warcraft launched the update of the 8.3 version mode. After a period of player trials, the first online maintenance and repair is now started. During this period, a large number of bugs and vulnerabilities appeared in the game. Some players took advantage of these design flaws and vulnerabilities to make a lot of WOW Classic Gold. The good times are not long. Blizzard made a lot of updates and repairs. What are the changes!

    -Fixed an issue where the continuous damage effect of dead players would prevent the team from completing the "strongest survivor".

    -Bidding is now correctly displayed on the sale tag for caged pets.
    -Fixed an issue where the quantity field was empty when selling non-commodity items.
    -Show only "Unobtained" filter now properly filters battle pets already in it.
    -The "Show me only" filter now works correctly on wands and shields.
    -Show only available categories "filter now properly filters items with professional restrictions and toys that you already own.
    -The complete list of purchases now displays the number of items in the seller's auction list.
    -Players are now able to bid for auctions where they already have a higher bid.
    -Fixed an issue where some auction house emails did not include expected gold coins.

    NPC / Hostile
    -The gaze of N'Zoth in war mode can now only be grabbed by factions.
    -The agate war dragon's flash battery damage is no longer higher than expected.
    -Whirlwind Thai Crystal now resets correctly.
    -Increased the refresh rate of several rare enemies in Uldum and Fairview Valley.

    -Red punch card defragmentation now only generates 50% of healing in PvP situations.
    -Fixed an issue where PvP's cooldown would be shortened incorrectly when using Dying Breath on player pets.

    -Azeroth Essence, Randomly Drops Buy WOW Classic Gold
    -Fixed an issue where Mortal Breath 1st and 2nd level sub-damage damage to low health targets would be subject to a 3rd level trigger chance bonus.
    -Corrosive effect
    -Fixed an issue where long-range attacks would not trigger Twilight Destruction.
    -Endless Star damage has been reduced by 25% for all Corrosion levels.