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WOW: Elf Race Fighting Leaderboard 2






    Cenarius's position in World of Warcraft is often a demigod guarding the elves plus the forest. His torso is like an elf, but his lower body is often a stag. Do you remember the tree demon in war3, that is naturally protected from magic and effective in using poison darts? This may be you version of Fawn. Cenarius's official appearance in World of Warcraft concerned 10 years ago from the CG animation with the expedition burning. At the time, Archimonde hugged the tree with the world, Cenarius necessary the power with the wilderness, and countless elves swarmed forward. Hit the important devil to death. Cenarius like a demigod doesn't have doubt about its strength, but it really eventually died from the hands of a bloodthirsty orc. WOW Classic Gold will help players redeem many powerful suits and weapons. If players don't want to waste time on planting gold, buying Warcraft Gold is really a best choice.





    Illidan may be the second hottest hero within the World of Warcraft after Alsace. His debut version with the Burning Expedition has also been the most active period for Warcraft players right at that moment. The reason why his strength can rank a whole lot is because they are in Warcraft. At a gradual stage, the effectiveness of stealing the spring with the Well of Eternity and absorbing the skull of Gul'dan on the earliest rises. Although it was quiet for a few days from the mid-term, while using the eyelet to eliminate the high mother from the Holy Light from the second advent from the Legion, the World of Warcraft players were dumbfounded for some time. Some people even joked until this resurrection had successfully completed the robbery. . Of course inside end Illidan's seal Sargeras was only Blizzard's deferred technique. I don't know what stage it will be inside next encounter.





    As the traditional queen in the elves, Azshara's strength is unquestionable. Although her reputation is unknown, she gets never seen her true face. Blizzard's hiding and hiding with this big BOSS has to be brewing a large plot so as to start a new plot. In fact, Azshara ought to have appeared from the cataclysm, and simply two small copies appeared for the Tidal Throne, and it also was a tiny bit endless. I hope that from the new version with the battle for Azeroth, our elven queen can type in the book. As an aid site for WOW players, MMOWTS has always provided the most affordable and most reliable gold for Warcraft players. If you are tired with completing trivial tasks for getting gold, if you don't want to waste time to grow gold, then buying gold here will Your best option.




    Elune would be the most powerful true god the elves have ever worshiped, and could be the incarnation in the moon. Her position in Warcraft will be the Virgin and Immortal. But for vast sums of years, this true god is not transformed into a person's form, but only has been given within the underworld or appeared inside the image of a mortal inside the image of a ghost. Therefore, a lot of people speculate that Elune may very well be Azeroth's star soul, and its particular power is exceedingly huge, even surpassing Sargeras, and so the Burning Legion will perform everything possible to fight here. When the legion arrived again, the Chinese plus the Russians would not forget to offer Ai Xing a sword if they left. So whether Elune is Azeroth or otherwise not? This is probably Blizzard's biggest mystery in World of Warcraft until now.