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WoW Classic Phase 4 is coming soon




    The fourth phase of World of Warcraft Classic has been tested for a long time. After this period of testing, players have put forward valuable suggestions and have greatly helped improve the game itself. Now more players can join the passion of this test. Here's how to access the test version and discover the secrets of Zul'Gurub.



    The arrival of the World of Warcraft Classic allows players to return to the golden age of Blizzard Legends MMO, where you can experience the fun of the year and relive the fun of youth in the game. According to the game schedule released by Blizzard, World of Warcraft Classic part4 is coming.



    When the previous version was updated, the key updates of Warcraft Classic were Darkmoon Faire and Blackwing Lair. When the game development team saw that the third phase of the update brought significant results, it immediately began to arrange the fourth phase. After trying it out, I found that the players in the fourth stage mainly faced a large-scale multiplayer game team battle copy. This game copy involved as many as 20 people, and had to deal with Zul'Gurub and Zandalar Tribe The tribe makes a raid. WOW Classic Gold can help players reduce the pressure during the game. For those who are eager to experience first, Blizzard has provided a BETA version in Test Realm, and players can go and download it by themselves.



    Join PTR

    The first thing that players who want to play on the Public Test Realm first is to download and install through the Battle.net launcher. Players log in to the Warcraft classic client to find and select in the sub-page of the version. PTR, so this can be done by switching. The most convenient point is that players do not need to download the client again, which saves a lot of energy and time for players. Players only need to install a small incremental update package. After the installation is complete, players can restart the game to enter the beta version.



    Choose and build roles

    After the players choose the server, they need to re-create a new character or copy the previous character, which depends on the player's choice. And copying the role in the beta version will not affect your original role, the process of creating a role is the same as the previous process.


    If you want to use the original character, players just need to click on the copy character tab. And choose from a list of names. However, players are not allowed to choose characters below level 10, and WoW classic data may be copied by mistake. This can be corrected by clicking Copy Data in the launcher.


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