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Changes introduced in WOW classic




    The essence of World of Warcraft Classic lies in the earlier version of the game. Although Warcraft Classic has been changed several times now, this still cannot change his position in the hearts of players. Although the current wow classic is still working hard to maintain the original appearance, but with the passage of time and the changes of players, the classic game can never go back. If so, will the classic gold coin experience of World of Warcraft be as classic as it promises?


    Introducing new elements

    According to the game development team, they faced huge difficulties when developing the Alterin Valley. Later, after the team's constant discussions, they decided to replace the new game bottom layer and redesign it. For players who have never played World of Warcraft before, the Alterac Valley will be their first wonderful experience. In the battlefield, players can play at will. At the same time in the PVP field, the two factions will compete for hegemony. Of the battlefields other players can choose from, Alterac Valley is the most popular, if not the most popular, as it offers a lot of honor points with World of Warcraft Classic Gold.


    At the same time they made the following changes to the game

    NPCs in Stormwind will not continue to wait for players, players need to find them by themselves,

    Reduce the size of the map,

    In order to ensure a more immersive experience for players, some irrelevant npcs are removed.

    Shorten the game so that each battle is completed within 30 minutes as much as possible.

    Improve the calling problem,


    In order to prevent congestion from happening again, some battlefields in Blizzard are now only allowed to enter with 5 people, and the numbers next to the battlefield have been removed. The reason for this change was to prevent players from robbery. Although there are only 20 players, the errors in Alterac Valley have also been fixed. Finally, Blizzard plans to stop people from camping in caves by making unrecognizable targets undetectable.


    The details of all changes will definitely change to a large extent, but not all players will like this change, and some people even think that these changes have changed the tradition. Still others believe that this move runs counter to tradition. It cannot be denied that the changes in the game are to improve the experience in the game. At the same time, MMOWTS has always been committed to bringing the ultimate gaming experience to players. You can buy any game items and gold you want here. You can still pack them into your backpack at a low price.


    As said before, the goal of World of Warcraft Classic is to give players the feeling at the time. But now that his Alterac Valley is changing, does that mean other things will change as well? Before the Alterac Valley, the answer was of course no. But now, he has become a very eye-catching existence, and the altered Alterac Valley has brought great fun to players. Classics are fascinating features that elapse over time.