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POE-Probably the most stable currency system of all games



    New Zealand developer Grinding Gear Game spent more than ten years creating a game and was named "Path of exile". Since the founder is a loyal fan of MMORPG games, it is no surprise that "Path of exile" Also became a MMORPG game. While focusing on the pursuit of ultimate gameplay, it further develops the essence of Diablo and innovates and expands it, respecting the player's experience more, and it is a better Diablo game.

    In the same year, when "Path of exile" was officially released, it won a lot of players. And received a lot of praise in the player community. And also won many game awards in the next few years, such as: "ARPG of the Year", "Best Game" and so on. Even Gamespot, which has always been demanding, scored a high of 9.0, calling it "the spiritual sequel of Diablo 2."

    In addition to gameplay, "Path of exile" also boldly canceled the circulating gold coins in the game, and designed a set of POE Currency consisting of up to 23 consumable currency items that can be exchanged with each other to a certain extent system. In this system, almost every POE Trade prop has its practical use, occupying a very important position in the game equipment creation system. The game's item sales system also has a similar design: as long as the player accumulates a certain amount, type and combination of equipment to sell to the store, he can get the corresponding currency item as a stable supply source. More interestingly, this currency prop system naturally has different systems built in: the exchange between any two currency props actually has a potential loss.

    Because currency is a consumable item, it is a just-needed item, and the demand is extremely large, which greatly reduces the possibility of devaluation of the game currency. The stability of the economic system can effectively avoid the phenomenon of inflation. The currency in the game is a consumable item, divided into two types of quality and non-quality. Quality currencies mainly include armor stones, sharpening stones, nails, etc., which can be used to enhance the quality of equipment; non-quality currencies include blessing stones, POE Exalted Orb, and illusion stones. You can adjust the attributes of the equipment, and even Can directly copy a piece of non-dark gold equipment. Currency can be obtained by defeating monsters or redeeming them. Therefore, the value of currency in the game is not the same, the stronger the effect is, the lower the currency drop rate is, and the higher the value is. There is a certain exchange ratio between each currency, and players can exchange directly at the NPC.

    In addition, all equipment and gems are obtained by defeating monsters or Buy POE Currency and other fixed methods. Players can become masters only through their own efforts.