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Advantages of Flat Screen Printing Machine

  • The screen printing process involves creating a screen and utilises it as a stencil for applying layers of ink on the printing surface.

    In this procedure, you require various screens for distinct colours that are used in the design and merged to get the final look.

    Screen printing is the ultimate option for designs that need a top level of vibrancy especially when printing on dark background or product.

    Used for larger orders, the dye colour in screen printing equipment is applied thicker than the digital printing that results in brighter colour even on darker shades.

    It is simpler and more cost-effective to utilise silk screen printing artists for mass production, rather than digital printing on fabric.

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    With the continuous change in the fashion industry, it is becoming an important factor for market domination.

    As a result, many retailers are planning to go for minimum stocks and give repeat orders.

    Advantages of Screen Printing

    Highly cost-efficient process for bulk orders.

    Easy to print on specified areas.

    Huge range of printable fabrics such as wood, textiles, glass and more.

    Top-quality output.

    Long-lasting prints.

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