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Hot Air Stenter Overheating Protection

  • Open Type Rotary Screen Printer is a kind of small and medium-sized printing machine in the printing equipment industry. Naturally, the machine must have certain protection measures for operators and machines. In order to effectively protect the open rotary screen printing machine from major injuries in case of accidents, the protector can realize the functions of overcurrent, overheating, undervoltage protection, and remote control tripping.

    1. Features and Applications of Overheat Protectors for Open Rotary Screen Printing Machines

    If the load is not short-circuited, and the open rotary screen printing is overloaded for a long time, the load is easy to damage.  Although the current in this case is also higher than that in normal conditions, it is not enough to make the electromagnetic tripping device operate, and the overheat protection device of the circuit breaker can solve this problem.  If the load is overloaded for a long time, the current flowing through the heating element will be too large for a long time, and the temperature of the heating element will rise. It heats the nearby bimetallic strip (thermal trip), in which the upper bimetallic strip has small thermal expansion. After being heated, the bimetallic strip will bend upward, pushing the lever upward to separate the two hooks and disconnecting the dynamic and static contacts of the three main contacts, thus cutting off the power supply to protect the open rotary screen printer or the operator.

    Second, the characteristics and application of over-current protector for hot air tenter

    Overcurrent protection: three contacts and three wires of the three-phase AC power circuit breaker provide three-phase AC power for the load, and one of the wires is serially connected with an electromagnetic trip coil and a heating element.  When the load is seriously short-circuited, the current flowing through the circuit is very large, and the current flowing through the coil of the electromagnetic trip device is also very large. The coil generates a strong magnetic field and attracts the armature through the iron core to drive the lever to move up, and the two hooks are separated. Depending on the action of the reaction spring, the moving and static contacts of the three contacts are disconnected, thus cutting off the power supply to protect the short-circuited load.  If a short circuit occurs in the Hot Air Stenter and an equal current anomaly occurs, other parts of the hot-air tenter can be well protected from damage to reduce losses.