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Sudden Failure Of Stenter

  • As a common process, Stenter has many types. There are fully automatic screen printing machines, vertical screen printing machines, four-column screen printing machines, inclined arm screen printing machines, manual screen printing machines, semi-automatic screen printing machines, etc. What we are going to talk about today are four common sudden failures of screen printing machines. as follows:

    The first common sudden failure: automatic failure to start
    This type of failure is that the micro switch of the lower cylinder of the screen printing machine is normally closed, the contact cannot be conducted or the timer is damaged
    The solution is to repair the micro switch or replace the timer.
    The second common sudden failure: it acted immediately without stepping on the foot switch in semi-automatic mode
    The reason for this type of failure is mostly caused by a damaged foot switch or a short circuit caused by water in the foot switch socket. The other is a problem with the manual start button switch.
    The solution is to replace new switches, sockets, button switches or disassemble and repair related damaged parts.
    The third common sudden failure: stepping on the foot switch during semi-automatic operation, the carriage descends and moves to the left and then rises but does not move to the right
    This phenomenon occurs because the proximity switch on the upper left of the vertical sliding seat is not sensed or the proximity switch has a problem.
    The solution is to adjust the upper proximity switch sensor or a better proximity switch.
    The fourth common sudden failure: fully automatic, semi-automatic start without falling
    This type of failure occurs when the proximity switch on the right side of the sliding seat is faulty or not sensed, the selector switch is faulty, and the interlock point of the single-action switch is damaged.
    The solution is to adjust the proximity switch induction or replace the right proximity switch, replace or repair the selector switch and the single-action switch.
    Flat Screen Printing Machine will always have various faults in the printing process, such as manual, semi-automatic screen printing machine, full automatic screen printing machine does not operate, the power light is on, and the printing base does not operate after moving to the left, etc. These problems can be solved by referring to the above faults. Hope to help everyone!