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  • BioWare recently launched the Seasonal Feast of Prosperity Event and added a new set of armor and some decorations to this year's version. The Feast of Prosperity Event has now returned to Star Wars The Old Republic. This is a seasonal event that occurs for a few weeks around mid-fall (usually mid-O...
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Steps For Printing T-shirts On Flat Screen Printing Machine

  • According to Wikipedia, Stenter's screen printing is a printing technique in which a mesh is used to transfer ink to a substrate, except for areas that are impermeable to ink by blocking the template. The blade or squeegee moves on the screen to fill the open mesh with ink, and then reverses the stroke to make the screen instantaneously contact the substrate along the contact line.

    This causes the ink to wet the substrate and pull out of the mesh when the screen bounces back after the blade has passed. Print one color at a time. Therefore, multiple screens can be used to generate multi-color images or designs.

    Flat Screen Printing Machine screen printing T-shirt steps


    1. Prepare artwork
    2. Print artwork onto film
    3. Prepare the screen (subtract, apply emulsion, etc.)
    4. Use special equipment to expose the artwork on the screen
    5. Wash the exposed artwork
    6. Set the screen to dry
    7. After drying-paste the screen and load it on the printing machine
    8. Load ink on the screen
    9. Perform the test
    10. Print your shirt.
    11. Recycle the screen (and restart the process)