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  • The knight, because the 2.5 version of the huge changes to the knight's advanced, so that one of the most unpopular knights in the latest version ushered in their own spring, also in the 2.5 eras of the international service expert mode ladder class competition, the famous anchor ETUP is The use of ...
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The Transaction Fee of Madden Auction House

  • All Madden Auction House sales in Madden have a 10% transaction fee. This helps keep the market accessible and fair for players like you.

    This is part of the auction system in the game, is applied to all sales, and is non-refundable. The fee is applied to successful sales but won’t be taken from an unsuccessful sale.

    Here's an example of how the fee works When you buy Madden Coins:

    • Item sale price: 1000 Coins
    • Final Transaction Fee: 100 Coins (10%)
    • Coins added to the seller’s balance: 900 Coins

    The Transaction Fee helps to control the growth of coins in the economy, which helps even out prices of the best content in the Auction House. This makes the market more accessible for players of all levels.