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Farming PoE Currency with these 4 Strategies

  • How to farm PoE currency and make money in the Path of Exile? Although the currency is varied, the method of making money is the same. Players who want to buy desired equipment and update their BD need a lot of Poe currency, so how can they make money by self-sufficiency?

    1. Open StrongBoxes:

    There must be a lot of new and curious, why should I say Crate, because Crate is very special, Crate with different names can open a variety of different things, such as the artist’s Crate can open the currency, the armor You can open the armor, The Gemcutter can open the skills, the fate of The Hoarder can open all kinds of cards, of course, this is not the point, the focus is that Crate can use Den Small Rock points, all the upgraded goods can be used to improve the quality of Crate, the general practice is to use Orb of Alchemypoint whiteboard Crate, point to gold, look at the attributes, of course, the higher the level of the point, the better the things, the more quality things will be opened, never The Orb of Alchemy and Orb of Scouring are wasted in the first two difficulty levels. Generally, things start from the alien map. Therefore, you must bring a few pieces at any time before entering the map. Maybe you can point out the properties of the cow X. It’s very impressive.

    The above locks are all good attributes. If you have sufficient financial resources, you can use the Golden Touch and recast to recast the back and forth points. If the map level is high enough, or if you have a blessing, you can use Val Valel. Look, black face with caution!!

    If you have the conditions, you can open a trusted friend with a set of equipment that increases the drop and drop rate, because of the more people, the better the things that fall.

    Strongbox Introduction:

    ◆Strongbox, Large Strongbox, Gorgeous Strongbox

    Falling things are falling

    Trivial: increase rarity, extra drop rare items, extra drop unique items, drop items have quality

    ◆Blacksmith’s Strongbox, Armor Strongbox

    Drop weapon, armor

    Trivial: 1 extra groove, all grooves are connected

    ◆Artisan’s Strongbox, Arcanist’s Strongbox

    Drop currency (the artist will lose the quality, the arcane division will drop the other)

    Trivial: Increase the number of items dropped and extra X items. (This box is highly recommended for Orb of Alchemy with Orb of Scouring points because the points from the advanced maps must be higher than the price of a Golden Touch and recast. , Do not hesitate!!)

    ◆The mapologist’s Strongbox

    Drop map

    Trivial: increase the number of items dropped, extra X items, mirror items

    ◆Chemist’s Strongbox

    Drop pharmacy

    Trivial: Functional Pharmacy

    ◆Artisan’s Strongbox

    Drop ring, necklace, belt

    Trivial: increase rarity, extra drop rare items

    ◆Jeweller’s Strongbox

    Drop skill gems

    Trivial: Drop auxiliary gems, second-quality gems or experienced gems (may drop quality or high-quality gems, and most importantly, drop rare gems)

    ◆The fat box of Strongbox

    2. Drop the divination card

    Lock: Increase rarity, pollute, extra drop rare items, only drop cards (this is a point to meet, no matter whether the primary picture is advanced, don’t hesitate, many good cards are worth the money)

    Also, in all prefixes about monsters

    Compare this to an extra 3 groups of blue monsters, an extra 3 rare monsters or an extra exile.

    Prophecy: 1.Prophecy is the only way to consume Silver Coin. The new quintessence alliance, Silver Coin drop rate is no better than Prophecy alliance, so it is recommended that novices, don’t go to Prophecy before the third difficulty, many Prophecy is Useless, the game primary Prophecy, even if Prophecy defeats the enemy to give the legend is not a good Prophecy, after all, generally Prophecy things are random, low-level will not produce high-level legendary items. Don’t open Prophecy before ruthless difficulty!! Don’t open Prophecy before ruthless difficulty!! Don’t open Prophecy before ruthless difficulty!! Important things say three times!!


    Before, someone asked what Prophecy is worth, and now Prophecy, which helps you to filter the value, still needs to be sealed, and it will be good to use it after saving.

    (1) Local masters need support series: This is obviously the Prophecy with experience. It is worthless for self-use. It is usually done twice as much as the master, but the grateful master is giving 3 times a good feeling.

    (2) Currency Magic: The Sharpened Blade, The Hardened Armour, and The Beautiful Guide are not valuable Prophecies. What is the most important thing with a single item, The Beautiful Guide is a little more valuable, but the value is not worth sealing. (self-use Prophecy)

    A Valuable Combination: Full set of equipment, quality level 65 or above, head, clothes, shoes, hands, two-handed weapons, rings *2, amulets, after selling the store, sell a Chaos Orb. (self-use Prophecy)

    Destiny Connection: A Jeweller’s Orb opens a 6-hole, referring to the fact that if you have a Prophecy, you must open a 6-hole with a craftsman (God-level Prophecy! God-level Prophecy! God-level Prophecy! Important things say three times, If you can’t use it, you can seal it.)

    The Jeweller’s Touch: A Jeweller’s Orb has 5 holes, which is similar to the above. If there is no money in the middle of the game, you can use this to make it, although not as good as 6L.

    Trash to Treasure: An Orb of Chance turns ordinary props into legends, God-level Prophecy !!! (can be sealed for sale) Note: Be careful when using it yourself, don’t miss when you point, base props are important, like you want Pledge of Hands, you can only use Long Staff points, you can’t use other sticks.

    (3) affix conversion: not too valuable, you can play for yourself, or consume it indiscriminately

    (4) Fatal Legend: Playing a certain boss with a certain legendary weapon will make the legendary weapon evolve. Many of them are worth the money. This Prophecy itself is worthless. It may be worth a few pieces of Chaos Orb. Many of the valuable ones are evolutionary legends. Weaponry. If you see it, you can seal it. If you don’t have Silver Coin, try to control yourself not to touch those BOSS. (sell for own use or seal)

    (5) Legendary Reward: Defeat a specific BOSS and drop a particular legend. (use it to sell money)

    (6) Currency Reward: What kind of monsters are killed, and the goods are dropped (basic valueless, self-use)

    (7) Prophecy String Reward: This reward is very rich, but the premise is to do the last step, what is the whisper, the interestless The Queen, the beast is counting, the plague big beast and the like, some lose the key, some fall the legend, are The last step of the fixed reward, it is worth doing, it is recommended to do the Stash store, if you are not sure, you have done it yourself (self-use or seal sale)

    (8) Special encounter: What encounters the wind? From the Lightning Falls area, what is strange, all garbage, but Pools of Wealth: will drop a lot of currency, it is recommended to increase the number of goods or the rarity of the equipment to play. One of the Monstrous Treasure: Remember to remember!!!!! Be sure to seal this Prophecy. When you have a certain economic ability to unblock it, be sure to remember that this Prophecy will take effect when you enter the next alien map. All of them are The Hoarder, the various types of The Hoarder, you need to bring a lot of Orb of Scouring and Orb of Alchemy to the point, be sure to remember that this map should be opened with a high-level map, the high-level map must also point to the map nail plus Vale, Look at the tile, see if there is any property of diao fried days, remember to remember!!!! If you are not at ease, ask relatives and friends to come in and fight or sell directly, remember to have self-protection ability and sufficient currency for you. Go again when you squander!!!

    (9) Other rewards: Killing powerful enemies to gain his power, etc., are usually rubbish Prophecy, but have to mention several of them Prophecy, don’t miss it: Bountiful Traps The Fortune Teller’s Collection, these two Prophecy It is recommended to enter with Orb of Alchemy and Orb of Scouring.

    3. Stash:

    Many things may not be clear how to sell, remember the rewards you have received? That advanced Stash upgrade? That is the place that lets you put things to sell, put what you want to sell into the advanced Stash page, in Right-click on the label, hit the hook on the public, and throw the item you want to sell. If you want to price the item, you can right-click on the item and enter the price on the pop-up option, so that everyone is in exile. You can find the items you want to sell on the Stash store. You can receive the purchase information from others by always paying attention to the chat bar message. I have used the advanced Stash page, and many buyers are asking for the price every day.

    4. Flipping Tricks:

    Moving bricks is a common and most common way to get Chaos Orb, and you can only earn a small amount of money.

    Method: Full set of equipment, item-level 60 (not demand level) above equipment, head, clothes, shoes, hands, two-handed weapons, rings *2, amulet, sell a store to get a Chaos Orb head (see the method of equipment item level, press Live ALT: will be displayed above the level requirement)

    A full set of unidentified two Chaos Orbs can be obtained. Note that all must be unidentified.

    But what you may not have noticed is that the current elite alliance can use the essence of whiteboard equipment to move bricks, and the efficiency is soaring. The minimum essence that can not be used is pointy because the demand level of whiteboard equipment is lower than 35. They are all below the minimum threshold for equipment. The most important thing is the equipment that is finished. The item level will not change. So the essence of the garbage you can’t use is greeted here, remember not to waste the essence of the advanced here.