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  •     Since the launch of the 8.0 expansion "Clash of Azeroth", the designer has also presented players with a lot of new game content. In addition to the most basic PVE content-the team copy and the five secret copy of the Great Rift, there are also Many games suitable for casual players,...
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Path of Exile knight and make Poe currency

  • The knight, because the 2.5 version of the huge changes to the knight's advanced, so that one of the most unpopular knights in the latest version ushered in their own spring, also in the 2.5 eras of the international service expert mode ladder class competition, the famous anchor ETUP is The use of the knight is the fastest to reach level 100. The knights of the 3.0 era still have a lot of voice in the fierce competition of the ladder. The potential and power of this profession can be seen.

    My friends John has played knight many times and got Poe currency items such as Exalted Orbs, Mirror of Kalandra.

    Advanced talent is as follows:

    A1 [extreme speed attack]
    Increases attack damage by 20%
    Get a storm for 3 seconds while killing
    A2 [hunting apostle]
    Increase 100% attack
    Extra 25% chance to dodge melee attacks in the attack state
    An additional 15% chance to dodge a projectile attack in a stormy state
    20% increase in attack damage during the attack
    B1 [quartz incarnation]
    6% chance to avoid attacks
    Get 3 seconds of mystery when killing
    You get lost in the biggest rage
    You get lost when you get a storm.
    B2 [Veil Goddess]
    Abnormal state of immune elements in the phase transition state
    10% chance to avoid spell damage when in the lost state
    20% increase in phase shift state
    Increase 40% element damage
    C1 [The way of poachers]
    Increase attack speed by 10%
    20% chance to kill and increase the rage
    20% chance to get a rage when hitting a rare or legendary enemy
    C2 [killing apostle]
    Increases 3% attack damage per Furious Ball
    2% increase in speed per Furious Ball
    Each rag increases 3% attack speed
    +1 maximum fury ball

    Advanced review: From the A-line, the knight's career encourages quick killing of enemies, quickly killing enemies to gain various attack gain states; the same mechanism of B-line, obtaining various defenses in the case of killing Gain effect; Cline still uses the kill to get the important energy ball in the game - the violent ball (green ball) to further strengthen the attack.
    On the whole, the knight is an advanced career that encourages the rapid termination of the enemy. By quickly terminating the enemy, the state of the character is entered into an ideal state of gain and loss.