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  • ESPN recently hosted a series of live NBA 2K matchups, including NBA players such as Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, Montrezl Harrell, Deandre Ayton and Patrick Beverley. This is the network's first major exploration of e-sports. This genre is expected to attract more than 557 million viewers worldwide ...
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Madden 20 takes you on the NFL superstar journey

  • Madden 20 takes you on the NFL superstar journey. As a result, there are some penalties and no failures. Madden 20's QB1 mode allows you to create a completely unique football star and guide him through the final stage of his college career, hoping that he can become the starting roster of NFL and complete the hoisting journey in Lombardi trophy in a longer time range. Super Bowl. Madden 20's standard franchise model, which is separate from the QB1 model, has received a welcome update this year. It implements a new scene engine that enables you to interact with players and coaches through the text messaging system described above, which is the best new feature of franchise.

    Perhaps the biggest and most exciting changes in Madden 20 are the new X-factor and superstar capabilities. These superpowers have been awarded to the 50 best players in the league, and they have changed the way Madden plays. This year, we added a new Run option to the script. These hybrid games provide another hybrid way for the game convener to keep the defender guessing. The core foundation of Madden 20's gameplay is stronger and more reliable than ever before. It's up to you and yourself to make mistakes such as poor passing, missed tackles and wrong decisions, because the lack of control (if any) will disappoint you. This time, the standard Madden always comes with its own set of new bugs or bugs. I hope some of them can be solved in future patches.

    Madden NFL 20 is an improved version of the professional football series of the year. It performs well in some areas, but needs to be improved in other areas. So will this be the perfect experience? Time will tell, but it's certain that if you're a football fan and follow the series from the beginning, you'll know what's going to happen, and when you read this, you'll probably already have or play the game. Overall, the feel of the game is similar to last year, but there are some minor improvements, and fans of the series will like the features Madden 20 Coins offers. If you don't like the collection, there's nothing here that can ultimately change your mind.

    AI teams may be relocated after a few seasons. You can also use this option in the user only clause.