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    Công việc của thợ khóa lò xo colorado không còn bị hạn chế chỉ chọn khóa hoặc sao chép khóa. Ngày nay, thợ khóa chuyên nghiệp cung cấp một loạt các dịch vụ, thường có thể truy cập thông qua các nh&ag...
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I also am pretty miserable with the Eni changes

  • I also am pretty miserable with the Dofus Kamas Eni changes, the harm loss from not having decisive word anymore makes it so the play-style is possibly be a heal-bot or re-roll. The water and air branches suffer quite hard from the reduction of word that is critical. The great part about decisive was the ability to watch a fight and if someone didn't require recovery to be able to change to a more harm role, not as strong as a pure damage dealer but would still help. Ap price of versions and post update the base power that is spells make it a damage reduction.

    An individual opinion is ground Eni does not feel right, it's weird to damage your allies to hurt the enemies around them, it would be more interesting if it had been a shielding spec or something and may match the Eni=support/buff/debuff roles since earth at the moment is basically just harm. It would be fine if Eni might find a bit more love before the upgrade because the way it looks today is completely different than it is being played now. Is there any communication from the Dev team on how items are being tweaked and altered?

    The goal is to find back this content in sync with the Dofus match has developed through time, and to establish the right balance of difficulty and availability. Before we go any farther, let me briefly explain what we're discussing here:"High-level" content refers to content at difficulty levels higher than Frigost II: Frigost III, obviously, but also the Divine Dimensions, the Underwater Extension and a couple of individual dungeons (Tal Kasha and Shadow, by way of example). It is probably fairly obvious what we mean by"simplification": we will be making this material harder. See below for details.

    Let's return to the days until these dungeons were released, when the difficult content in the Dofus match was in Frigost II. This content has itself been simplified in the past; we raised availability and reduced the problem so that more Dofus players can satisfy the prerequisites to reach Frigost III, which then allowed a larger slice of the populace to have access to the content.

    It was at that point that we incorporated Frigost III. But we wanted to avoid a situation where, the day following Frigost III came out, the majority of the exact same Dofus players could have finished it and gone back to Buy Kamas Dofus Retro asking us to include fresh content for them. Therefore it was important to us to give content which would have a marginally longer lifespan (i.e. that would require a certain amount of time for Dofus players to get through).