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  • It will have play involving Xbox and PC so it doesn't matter whether the player base skews to people playing PC, they will still be lots of players at the pool. It's hilarious that Xbox players have been begging for PSO2 Meseta for sale years to find some JRPGs such as PS4 has and they eventual...
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Its risked area, just my view

  • Its risked area, just my view. They deserve it, if they're not intelligent enough to think twice or be looking out for potential threats then. Its a life lesson and they will not fall to it. I've been playing for 16 almost 17 years. Way back when I remember it being very highly common. I knew the risks of moving in there ready to buy OSRS gold lose it I have, I've been enticed back in the afternoon but it only happens once. I might say there is also ways of murdering that goes for many training approaches in there and said animals and creature without the wildy.

    I'd love to see PvP just worlds being the only real way to resist PvP like back into the trade days. Changing to worlds just fixes lures (just do not visit these worlds duh). They can change skills (possibly PvP only skills unlocked from pking), change items to function in PvP situations, and make other PvP related items to these worlds just. The bugs that break gameplay could be fixed by this. Personally, I like the wilderness. I only started doing wildy slayer, although I don't pk. Doing slayer tasks with a risk of somebody showing and Slaughtering me? Needing to return into the ditch after having Tele blocked gets my blood pumping. It's a fresh spin on slayer. I am the only person in Rs that loves getting pked lol. It has been far too long since it's been a thing in rs3.

    I have had plenty of corrections. A lot of my info to the post is obsolete. I know. I've responded to others below if you want to read through that telling me exactly the same. Two chief things make this an absolute tonne of work/will have worse outcomes than you expect: The entirety of this RuneScape engine's modelling is built was assembled using voxels awkward-to-animate meshes instead of polygons properly rigged versions, the latter being what many games do. Polygons are far, much better as it is understood by me, and much simpler to model with. That is the reason you get animations appearing like they warp weirdly, because the ends of the borders are moving directly towards their new location.

    In almost any game runescape player characters need to do a huge number of items, and RuneScape is among the worst for this. If you alter the form of this runescape player, each and every cartoon needs to be updated, every armour model also needs to be updated for both versions and the animations, clipping issues could crop up everywhere in this and this needs to be done for both male and female personalities. It's very naive to think that it's as simple as"just redo the female and male body shape".

    Didn't know RS was not created with polys, and im not quite proficient with voxels but could not they use a plugin that redesigns and converts a 3d model made with voxels into polys and then adjust/touch up best place to buy osrs gold the model instead of work from scratch, could be far simpler. (if it works, which I dont see why it wouldn't. They'd need to picture it so it might wrap a new model, or remake it to match the new models measurements just (which might be dumb as shit to replicate because they would need to do it every time they update models).