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  • The National Football League, the National Football League Players Association and Electronic Arts announced on Thursday that they will continue their partnership for at least another five years, and this outstanding video game and professional sports partnership will continue for at least six years...
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I like skills but they must be refined in the off-season

  • I like skills but they must be refined in the off-season. This is no excuse for the gameplay that is shit though that is dog shooter but the abilities can be reworked and retuned. A big part of our hatred was that Madden nfl 20 coins won't be there next year and NFL 100. I think the ones need to be removed or adjusted. So people don't break tackles from 3 players in the exact same time or catch balls when two defenders are about them and they have not defeated the defenders. Speaking of adjustments, among the ones needs to be pursuit angles by cpus being so in Madden 20 NFL. Like I should not be able to run around 5 defenders because they slow down when I get close to the sideline or go in a straight line towards me when I could just cut inside and then out and be gone even though they have the angle and are 90+ general players.

    Couldn't agree more. Everyone's teams are the overall leading to no mismatches and the demand for skills to differentiate superstars. As you can create mismatches against your competitors ranked players if you also have someone like 87 edelman and play franchise he feels like a celebrity in that manner. In franchise you observe a 90 catch whereas in mut everything cancels out each other. There is no need for skills, they are unbalanced along with a band aid over the problem that everyone playing in a brink animation players that were identical. You may pick whichever skin you want in your CB however let's not pretend CB. It is all evidence, with running receiver's above 90, same.

    EA's only concern has been what they can put on the"back of Madden 20 NFL situation". Sadly I think abilities are here to stay.I believe abilities are good in some cases, but it seems like they just reduce the quality of the other gamers which don't have abilities. Like if someone has stats that are high, they spins or should still have the ability to execute useful moves like jukes. This. Must be the standard for all qbs. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your QB complete his throwing motion and maintain the ball. We know that ball should have been out.

    Similarly things like acrobat frustrate me because any NFL DB ought to be in a position to make a swat or INT. Zone policy is brokenup, so only slap zoned out on there to repair it. Why shouldn't zoned out be the norm? The Safe ability should also be regular on O linemen contemplating how OP the pass rush is. These skills should exist, however, it's ridiculous that Madden 20 NFL has these issues and there is just abilities you can slap to fix them. They understand how to buy Mut 20 coins repair it, but they dont. They're no doubt here to stay with this reason since coaching was introduced and they haul a couple more dollars out of us.