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  • The National Football League, the National Football League Players Association and Electronic Arts announced on Thursday that they will continue their partnership for at least another five years, and this outstanding video game and professional sports partnership will continue for at least six years...
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Just from the surface Archaeology appears to heavily benefit

  • Just from the surface Archaeology appears to heavily benefit those who are interested in the Summoning and Invention RuneScape skills. We wanted Archaeology to feel core to RuneScape, not just something we tacked on RS gold to RuneScape. There are some methods to do that, but we decided to allow it to crossover with various RuneScape skills in RuneScape, through Relics and Ancient Invention and Summoning. There is absolutely an emphasis on Invention and Summoning, but it lays a wonderful precedent that Archaeology could be the gateway to high tech,'mastery-like' content for additional RuneScape skills later on. Additionally, it gives Archaeology the subject of'unearthing missing, strong knowledge', and we liked that.

    Will the bonuses which gamers get from Relics still remain busy during PvP and boss content? The relic powers which you could harness will stay active during boss encounters and many PvP encounters. There are some forces that we disable in the duel arena to make sure that it remains a reasonable fight, however from the wilderness it's fair game!

    In one of the news updates for Archaeology, I recall there being cite of the participant maybe wishing to hold onto different items if there is another use for them in the future (rather than turning them for chronotes). Are there any historical finds which we could use to decorate the player owned homes or a way to show them in our home case? That is a fantastic idea! Player Owned Houses and the Construction RuneScape skill are needing a bit of love, and a link to Archaeology would make a good deal of feel, as you've described. More broadly, among those things we would have loved to get into Archaeology was uses and benefits for each one of the artefacts you finish. That may be something we all look into later on.

    Together with the Archaeology update we'll be able to build a research team that will keep working to your player even if they're offline. Will there be any recognizable names which we can recruit to osrs gold paypal the study team? Absolutely! This is. If people like it, we want to bring different names right into it.