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  • The National Football League, the National Football League Players Association and Electronic Arts announced on Thursday that they will continue their partnership for at least another five years, and this outstanding video game and professional sports partnership will continue for at least six years...
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After 3 items your price is going to be minimal

  • After 3 items your price is going to be minimal. If you're in 2-3b worth of gear and you perish, you should pay 500k you ought to be punished for it and because, let us face it, you made a mistake. I mean how hard is it to OSRS gold teleport out? Zulrah's 300k price after 20 deaths? So you are telling us that you expired 20 occasions and didn't teleport outside? That's on you. As of right now, dying is considered to suicide supplies to your bosses.

    I cannot talk about others but I am the kind of player who arrived back as a result of nostalgia in my adolescent years, 23 right now, and have no time other than while I'm conmuting to play, not sure if I am a part of that unwanted demographic.You're just part of the"undesirable demographic" if you think RuneScape ought to be balanced around your schedule. Then that is fine if you understand that other people with more hours will progress faster and farther. It's this idea that individuals with 20 mintues of time per day to dick around on mobile must have RuneScape catered to them that is unwanted.

    I'm not self entitled enough to think that RuneScape should be balanced around me, not by any stretch of the imagination, I simply didn't enjoy that much of an idea that us players are labeled with negative connotations. I'm with you I really don't think being a mobile player. I see folks on this sub constantly that do feel entitled enough to believe the game should be balanced around them and they're the problem.From what I have managed to see at the past couple months is that if there's people who want lets say, a QoL upgrade or feature there comes out a bunch of elitist's who complain that RuneScape is being made simpler and simpler, which is kind of true, such as dropping stuff, on mobile it's really effective and even on computer I believe its click and shift. I believe an ex mod thought of the attribute as though it was game dividing.

    From what I know, it is the p2w facet primarily mobile games have that many of"average" RS players dislikethe micro transaction and such. There was also some modifications made to the customer due to mobile, making RuneScape a bit more easy, which upset some of the neighborhood. As far as I see it, I am glad that you were given the opporunity to get some profits in again by mobile and you are enjoying. I dont understand why that part of the community becomes annoyed when the programmers decide to create something that's tedious marginally less tedious, I believe there is a gap between QoL upgrades and then giving away free stuff like lowering the fall rates so everybody, especially Ironmen, may have access to these, that would make them less unique and weeks afterwards people complain that RS07 Gold it has become too common within RuneScape.