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Deal's more harm than DAZZLE, since it has no particular skill

  • Deal's more harm than DAZZLE, since it has no particular skill. Better than Crumble Undead. Don't tell me it should be in"Suggest an item and skill". It is a qeust Going to be. A dark mage created an army of imps. You have to OSRS gold steal a key thing. You enter a stadium... (many barriers, stairs, maze) Finaly into the wizard. . Who is really unhappy of stealing the stone. He telegrabs it from you. . and then. . It is not funny. Not completed, as I said. It is just a lengthy preview.

    Lets begin with a brief story:'When there was someone called'cbhater315'*. He had been a skiller with lvl 3 combat. He had 2 skills at lvl 99 and his smallest non-combat skill was lvl 52. But on a bad day he met a lvl 52. "Noob!" He shouted into our poor hero. But our hero traded the noob and showed his 3 mill. Nevertheless, the noob cried"Reported for macroeing!" . 'cbhater315 was really unhappy and started to train battle only because he did not wanted to be a noob. The End I changed the story sometimes due to people who didn't liked that I played with that noob.

    Skillers with battle lvl 3 are fast referred to as noob, wich isn't very motivating if you've got a high complete lvl. And people like to reveal how great they are. So I thought of the next: Why not reveal the total lvl such as the combat lvl? There are 2 options: 1 ). Prove it next to the Entire lvl ( Jesper Xxi (cb lvl-76( complete lvl-1213))

    In the options menu looks a new button called"Switch level". You can choose if you would like to demonstrate your total or battle level by pressing this button. (When in CW, bountyhunter or other battle related miningames that it automaticly changes to fight )(standard would be combat, like now) What are the point of this suggestion when it happens? To buy RuneScape gold let eachother know how good you are. Like sporting a partyhat.