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  • I'm not old enough for it. Although it is true that impotence tends to be more prevalent among older males, the phenomenon can occur in younger men too. And when it happens it can be extremely damaging to self-esteem and self-confidence. Many believe that issues with impotence among young men ...
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Ballista: A giant crossbow on two wheels

  • Ballista: A giant crossbow on two wheels. Can take out 1 participant in 1 hit or just take down part of a wall. Stake Hurler: Spreads 80 damage in 5 squares away from goal. Catipult: Takes wall down over time. Can move normally.

    Trebuchet: Must be packed into RS gold a trebuchet wagon before being moved, then reassembled when reached to site. Is simaller, but more powerful than catipult. Starting. To start, visit the city you want to defend/attack from. There ought to be a portal site. Heres were. Barb villa: lvl 1 vent green in longhall. Lvl 2 port, reddish in longhall. Lvl 3 port, blue in longhall.

    This idea might be similar to Zammorak500's thought, but I thought of it a few days ago. Seriously, doesn't it get annoying the shape of your rune armor would be the same as the bronze armor of the level 6 player standing next to you asking for 80k because someone hacked his ashes? Don't you believe a little number would be better?

    In addition, it doesn't make sense that a master smith should not be any better at making bronze , say, a level 18 smith who only started playing a couple of days ago and has made nothing but 188 bronze daggers. I suggest that if your Smithing level is high enough, then you should have the ability to earn Masterwork standard armor.

    The effect Masterwork armor would have under this proposal would be a 10% chance per hit to decrease the damage taken by 20%, rounding down. In addition, it could have the next"masterwork" looks, as examples: Bronze - A smoother and OSRS Money more modern appearance, as well as observable bolts and nuts. Iron - A smoother and more contemporary appearance, with grooves running down the legs, a round visor and indentations on the bodies and shields.