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NBA 2K21 MyTeam Begins Season Six With'Glitched Truth

  • The newest season for NBA 2k21 is underway with loads of new features, cards, and a lot more to decode and uncover. 2K made the announcement with plenty of fresh details, including in a bit of mystery, leading players into NBA 2K21 MT a treasure hunt by themselves in Season with Glitched Truth.

    The year's theme is known as Glitched Reality, since the 2K staff is leaving hints and codes all over the sport and on the official site too, which users can attempt to decipher to acquire several in-game rewards. The main award for attaining Level 40 is a Dark Matter J.R Smith, the first of its kind for a level 40 reward.

    2K also teased fans on its site including all the articles coming up, leaving carefully placed hidden meanings and ciphered language, giving you plenty of items to unlock and sort through. There are plenty of rewards for gamers in Season Six, together with particular Seasonal Challenges, starred by Dwayne Wade, which you can buy on your own. Moreover, just by opening the challenges, you'll be awarded a Jimmy Butler card as a level one reward. There are far more rewards in the kind of Galaxy Opals that you are able to acquire on your own by finishing MyTeam mode challenges.

    The list continues on and on, using a Dark Issue Mel Daniels function as closing 99-star reward. There appears to be a large assortment of key code benefits, too, with Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins the website teases around. Several letters scattered throughout the site post appear to be emphasized in bold, begging to be deciphered.