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For example say you have the best doctor in the world

  • He absolutely lives in a bubble, and WOW TBC Classic Gold now I am convinced he can not understand as many cannot who live in these bubbles but the guy is quite intelligent, it just does not apply to his current job .

    Once upon a time that his guilds site was THE place for understanding what goes on under the hood of this game, and that was spear headed by Ion himself and we thought we wanted someone like him to take ghostcrawlers chair in the table... However, it turns out that just because you are really knowledgeable about something doesn't mean you should be in charge of it.

    For example say you have the best doctor in the world in your clinic, or greatest mechanic in your shop or whatever... Why can you stop them from doing that what they're clearly amazing at to do some thing similar to running the hospital or shop? You wouldn't, so why did we do this with Ion?

    It is not that Ion isn't competent, or smart, or he is"playing out of his league"... It's that he's not even playing the identical sport anymore. Game manager of a game is not the same game as what got him to where he is, which will be theorycraft comprehension and application via amounts.

    You could clearly see routines in Nathria nerfs if his guild were heading for CE. After his guild was progressing M Sludgefist, we had the radius and damage need that week. Progressing Generals? Nerfed.There are two realities in which this can occur. They actually have no clue how gamers will interact with their systems and that they frankly need 6 weeks of failure things to come to the exact same conclusion the playerbase came to during Alpha. The second fact is that they're doing it on purpose, they intentionally emphasise QOL modifications and obvious improvements so as to artificially extend gametime and enhance performance metrics without needing to cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold create new content but instead just making existing content take more.