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  • MyLeague is the best mode in NBA 2K, because there is no other mode that allows you to do many things from the current, past and present angles. Regardless of the mode, NBA 2K20 MT Coins plays an important role. A recent example comes from YouTuber Clique Productions. He took the art of NBA scenes i...
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Online Casino

  • The ProperSix Casino is going to be one of a kind as the first crypto accepted gambling platform. The development team has been working very hard over the last year to create a wonderfully dynamic gaming experience. The excitement from this platform is amazing. Be careful that you don’t spend hours online having fun winning many Pro6 Tokens. Each member will be issued an individual encrypted wallet address to store their Pro6 tokens. The tokens can be used on the exchange or cashed back out into fiat currency or other crypto, such as BTC, ETH, GBP, LTC or XRP. Another great benefit of this platform is that it will be compatible with mobile devices through a downloaded application. Play on the go! Other operating systems such as Mac, Windows and Linux, along with smart TVs and tablet platforms will be offered the live online casino action as well! Nobody will be left out.


    There is no shortage in the games being offered from this company. Craps, Black Jack, Various Slots, Bingo, Classic Poker, Keno and super entertaining digital scratch off cards are just the start! Let us take a quick overview of some games currently released. Thus far no other online casino presents its’ users with the ability to use cryptocurrencies to make online payments. This method generates faster, stronger and better economical options for users while completing transactions. Check out the link below to register as a user to the ProperSix Casino and Exchange.


    Fruit slots offer a range of classic and traditional sounds with traditional graphics.

    Roulette creates a spinning circle towards grand prizes. Earn free tokens or unlock achievements.

    Viking slots can give you a 25 max play line option, allowing for great profits!

    Pirate slots put forth the player into a world of golden tokens. Advance options and rewards, such as Mega Win and Clean Sweep.

    Black Jack will press your luck to see how many hands you can win in a row. With transparent and fair card selections, the game is fun and effortless!

    Jacks or Better gives chances to double up your winnings, while offering daily bonus of tokens.

    Tens or Better is what the best poker player wants to try. Produce between 1 to 100 hands for play action… Just have a pair of TENS to WIN!!!!

    ProperSix will become the nucleus of all crypto online casino transaction throughout 2020. You must realize that the casino is not an investment platform. Never gamble with funds that you can’t afford or not willing to lose. ProperSix wants the user to have complete control over their experience thus offering decentralized blockchain technology. Developing a trustworthy platform was a very large obstacle for the team to overcome. They will institute a live dealer as a primary highlight to the online casino, which is planned to give their platform a very successful advantage in the gambling showground.

     Online Casino

    Many regulations have already been implemented since the founding of BTC. The dynamics of crypto have changed extremely. Various governments have an interest in what you’re trading on exchanges around the word. Then we have to add the tax audits that will be presented to many. Companies that desire to stay in the crypto space, by all means, must keep themselves in balance of regulations, especially if they are operating in international jurisdictions. ProperSix is a registered brand name, as well as a home office located in Malta. Their goal is to become insured. This is a huge move for any crypto company, while only a few have made the benchmark. I believe that ProperSix will be able to align all the necessary parameters in order to meet this particular milestone. BNB will be rivaled, so buy your Pro6 Token today at the link below!


    The international crypto industry is considering regulation through the following aspects:

    · Token creation – thousands of entities possibly will come up with a utility token.

    · Token distribution – various methods, such as airdrops and forks.

    · Token storage – wallet and key management, along with software programming.

    · Exchanges – centralized, decentralized and peer to peer services.

    · Payments systems – consumer payments, business to business services and billing options.

    · Token mining – mining pools, cloud mining, remote hosting and hardware distribution.

    · Token Investing – asset management accounts, retirement accounts and brokerage services.

    · Other – software development, identity compliance (KYC), blockchain analytics.

    Keep an eye out for ProperSix to stay ahead of the above listed international regulations. The excitement of this company, for me personally is two separate factors. The first being the ProperSix Exchange, while the second is the ProperSix Casino. As a trader this platform will be awesome. I can’t wait for it to be live, instead of the demo version... I have already checked out. Take time to review this information at the ProperSix YouTube channel and watch a couple of videos posted showing the overview. You should be able to find at least two videos of the exchange overview, if memory serves properly.

    Also, check out the multiple videos related to the ProperSix Casino. The second partition of this companies success to be! Selections for the online slot games are awesome! The graphics are new and bright to the eye. No dullness presented at all with any of the games found within the casino.

    · Fruit slots remains with traditional setting, with classic pictures and sounds.

    · Roulette spins in circles towards huge prizes, while offering realistic graphics. This game option allows you a chance to earn free chips and unlock achievements.

    · Black Jack 21 is a great card game to test your luck on. This game offers a fair and transparent dealer along with high definition graphics at very card selection. Just a simple and fun game!

    This company has too many working hours of development and marketing to show up as a failure, especially to regulations. The casino feature will be outstanding fun. ProperSix will pave the way forward in 2020!



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