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  • Clad in white, the lace attachment appears to have just been kissed, as lips wearing scarlet makeup leave their imprint on it. Reebok Men/Women Left shoes, however, are lucky enough to also don a scripted message reading “For You” that can either be left in place or removed and gifted. Some of the excitement dies down underneath given the off-white and black midsole/outsole combination, but perhaps this was intended in order for the intimate note to be savored that much more.


    Ever since NIGO left his famed streetwear imprint A Bathing Ape, the brand has taken many different directions into product categories seemingly incongruous, but despite this, it still lies as one of the most important figureheads within the culture — their releases still selling out and their signature camo print still a steadfast icon. Reebok Sneakers A product of its new leadership, the umbrella has also continued to add on distinct diffusions — a total number that rivals that of Rei Kawakubo’s own CDG institution — and one of their newest, Bape Black, is now fostering a relationship with Reebok as they reintroduce the Electrolyte 97 in a seemingly surprising grey-dressed colorway.

    The sub, built on the color black as referenced by its namesake, seems to be taking a quick break from the dark shade, preferring only to use it along the midsole’s heel, the vector logo darkening with it. Reebok on Sale Elsewhere, quality-evoking suede constructions outfit the rest of the upper, mixing in mesh just underneath complete with subtle line work printed atop. The classic Bape-Sta logo hit can be found embossed onto the forefoot panelling with many more cobranded hits likely hiding along the tongue and/or the insole.

    Likely in complement to their upcoming range, the model dresses to monochromes, a reflection of more modern schemes in a shape lensed subtly through retro futurism. Buy Reebok Puffed nylon molds and harder shell exteriors all adhere to a full triple black, with the few differences in shading being a result of divergent textures. But colorway aside, what’s most dynamic is its shape whose paneling crafts aggressively from the forefoot to the heel counter.

    The latter, which may be the simplest of the sort, is fused with TPU elements and molded forms — overlays that extend frontward into tapered, intersecting lines whose style closely resembles the Vector logo. Purchase Reebok Moreover, the toe box amplifies with raised constructions: the base of synthetic intentionally strangled by its more structural surroundings. Further branding then finishes off the pair with moderation as “KANGHYUK” tonally embellishes the back heel and “DMX RIDE” the midsole.