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Doesn't all members receive the same benefits

  • The yak track realistically for anybody but veteran RuneScape players was not possible to complete. Even then the amount of time and effort for anyone to fill out the occasion was ridiculous in a time when they're supposed to OSRS gold be creating RuneScape match more RuneScape participant friendly and less time consuming. Which it had a pay wall being club. Why is it that someone who pays more for RuneScape game annual would not get the ability to earn all the rewards just because they did not subscribe at a specific time of the year. Why is it that any material is restricted. O n that why is there a option to pay to skip the event completely.

    Then comes the winter cool off which yet again had a unrealistic time frame of one week but yet again sold you the option to essentially bypass the event for the most part. Overall it just is greed and it's sickening to think that such a game that is beloved has fallen so low. I am convinced there's more that I haven't seen because I have been gone for a couple years and I know there was more prior to me discovering my love for RuneScape again. In the end of the day this isn't RuneScape game I used to understand growing up.

    The investors have no true say in the things and individuals can not keep using them. It's not a matter of whether but when. RuneScape gamers now have more choices than ever and to believe anyone with a modicum of common sense would stick around once they realize that the unethical business practices occurring here is smug. I understandy' your manners can change but it needs to happen now instead of later.

    There's nothing new to say. Everyone keeps acting like nothing can be done if that's a false narrative. The jmods may strike, RuneScape players could boycott, everyone just go f2p till they change and etc etc.. Only something other than everyone. If you want this trash from RuneScape match we could make that occur. Number one way is by hurting their wallets. Nobody is prepared to although it is clear. This isn't rocket science it is common sense and should everyone would like to keep putting up with it rather than standing up for what's right nothing will change.

    It wasn't easy. Either have a whole lot of gp or you had to devote a chunk of your time. The identical thing with all the cold chill off was that the simple fact of just how much time needed to be committed. In addition to that for winter cool off and as mentioned you could pay to skip the yak track you can pay to accelerate up the process. People have lives and they should not have to commit huge chunks of time and put everything aside for a match or cough up money for something when it's been hit at the first place. They made the problem to best way to earn money in osrs then sell you the option. You can also cover a year out the premier club period however you don't get the very same benefits which is my gripe. There should not be a segregation of all RuneScape players only because they paid throughout timeframe for membership. Doesn't all members receive the same benefits.

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