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  • The National Football League, the National Football League Players Association and Electronic Arts announced on Thursday that they will continue their partnership for at least another five years, and this outstanding video game and professional sports partnership will continue for at least six years...
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Even better pvm for herbs since farming isn't going to cut it

  • The one thing that bothers me is the number of materials necessary to RS gold produce some relics. You should not have to completely over collect materials so as to earn all your relics, I think xp and such are fine.I imply, I dont mind the amount of stuff you need, my only issue with this skill is the way that they handled material caches is a nuisance to find some of those, such as a real pain in the ass they should have made it personal or setting them to provide a minimum amount which isn't 1. It sucks to go to a place crowded with a lot of people hoping and watch the caches go off with 1 tick.

    Yes but that's not what hes saying. Some artifacts require 100 substances to fix but you receive 40 which the artifact is received by you. When you spend a great chunk of time at one place and now have 10 artifacts however you can only fix 4, you're currently at a point where it is extremely inefficient if you dont buy materials. If the skill was intended that you need to purchase materials to progress at a reasonable rate then by all means. Stillthis sucks the huge balls for ironmen.

    This is for every ability. Want to level your cooking? You're likely to burn off fish, therefore over-catch. Wish to level your fletching/fm along with WC? Well that has 2 skills, so over-chop.Want to perform M&S? Well, you are going to have to gather more ore in the event that you want things such as masterwork or spikes 90+. Want to level herblore? Even better pvm for herbs since farming isn't going to cut it. etc.. It is only an issue now because people are too cheap to shell out to get week-1 costs of a new skill rather than letting the market settle. RS3 has a issue of everyone trying to do ASAP rather than simply playing RuneScape at their own pace.

    I agree, it's ridiculous that some people anticipate high XP rates at low levels. As it is, it is fine. Skills is garbage. Also it is overly AFK to be really be playing normally. Borderline AFK MTX event style"ability". It requires methods for faster xp. Even 2-ticking will be alright. Once you're done with initial nerd-gasm excitement, you will realise that this ability is not special.

    I concur. I was a bit disappointed on the first day to discover it can't be sort of two ticked by you like memories' hall. The areas that are newest appear great and the puzzles & story are great also. However I find the aspect of the skill is ughhhhhh. Like there isn't any way that there is sufficient pleasure worth to pad it out to 120. The gathering aspect is buy OSRS gold really, really slow and has dull. The progression rate starts to feel terrible unless you can always throw bank at purchasing every boost and additional materials. Caches make substance gathering feel antisocial.