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    In 2011, the planet Health Organisation (WHO) estimated that approximately 50–75 percent of individuals within the world experience episodic tension-type headaches, and 1–3 percent have chronic tension headaches. Episodic tension headaches are more common in women than in men.The Interna...
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  • Hey Hello Everyone Thanks for the select us, stages ok girls from 125 and the stages or gana be determined by the GF are structural abnormalities of the Kidneys in what is this love me translate so far is going to be Hyderabad Escorts the glomerular filtration rate and that how good your Kiya kidney is functioning is the percentage so we should have a hundred percent if we have 100% it means there are Kidneys are working well good filtration eliminating War full so if we don't have a hundred percent if we have something Hyderabad Best Escorts all over then we going to the status of chronic kidney disease so just elaborate the little bit more on that let me discuss this table which is the first one the first line for the person is the description mine in the respect in mind that one is the state Model Escort in Hyderabad services stage 1 in in description is cess kidney damage with normal or higher tfr in against the gfr is how does the kidney is filtering so in this case there is not much to do the percent will have a stage 1 because they have for example one kidney the structure of the kidney is not normal there are some errors in the Kidneys some abnormal release in that this person is to be you know it this person is on stage one thing take to you if you look at that your father is going down now Ada far is from 6289 this means that this person isn't stage Escorts in Hyderabad gfr is between 30 and 59 things symptoms are getting a little stronger here is the symptoms is this person I have this symptoms and where can I have to start reading this person there is going to be a severe drop in Hyderabad Escorts Services for the Jay forest canopy between 15 and 29 and again gfr is how were the Kidneys are filtering this mean this person doesn't have a good impression so remember the day for the only one is a hundred in this.

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    Her we are serve you the great fun occasion stage who are we have a person with the gfr between 15 and 29 so this is this is very enough we have to do something this has kidney failure there is no going back and the Hyderabad Escorts of richest person is less than 15 so we have to start something we have to study dialysis we have to give the personal. Ok soap are the symptoms that this person is can I have this person Meherbani Mia 48 building up fluid over things and we know that is like a view your exam very small ladies stuff like that to make sure that your Hyderabad Escorts Services is testing you for kidney failure in the lap resource when the doctor just look at your maths lab report for the wonder years Idiots ok that is for estimated in the NTFS for is for glomerular filtration rate what that means is how your Kidneys or working the kidney function normally in your web resource you will see something like greater than 60 Shoaib UC greater than 60 don't get scared of anything because I know I mentioned as Hyderabad Escorts Services but for the Labra salts normally the general Labrador can I get is either greater than 60 lower than 60 ok so if it's greater than 60 inmein se Dua good enough area if its lower than 60% for 3 months then you have any friend Hyderabad Escort ok so work and last love you that you have now for example if its greater than 60% per your having some symptoms like you getting slow movement building high blood pressure all the things then the doctor is going to go deep into testing do other things are gonna tell him if you really you know if there is something that we should be very worried about you ok but on and your lover so this is where you can see other greater than 60 lower than 60 so the symptoms what type of symptoms you may have this service.

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    There we are serve you the great fun, if you have Kidney failure working there is a build up of waste in this is called you venier ok and in in very simple words people understand is best is we tell them this is urine in the blood Hyderabad Escorts ok because it's something similar to that is almost like it you have urine in your blood so what are you can I have you can I have swelling of feet and face there will be an accumulation of fluid is the food in the staff tissue inside Escorts in Hyderabad a pronoun the person may be making more or less urine and maybe during the night which is called not Terraria during the night this person may go to the bus from several times and speakers is when the the bar is mean down and the Kidneys the circulation stars concentrating in the Chennai area in there is like the Kidneys are trying to catch up for what they haven't done during the day today so that's why normal people that have Hyderabad Escorts or chronic kidney disease prasanth WhatsApp notorious mummy Aur Babli ok so when when you go to the bathroom is it very for me now don't start looking at the theory that is matter to me that if I have my period now now the home Iske Nabi Aulad like just imagine when you are serving a beer in glass chloroform is like a lot of phone ok not a soul song and that is because there Hyderabad Escorts Service are there is protein in the urine in which should not have protein in the urine ok so when we have protein in the urine in we will look at the toilet in your can I see all that phone OK so the person may have 18 also Ammonia process for the Marathi Nasha avoidance of protein food this person Main Na Piyu warning.