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  • Outlook error code998 is normally occurred due to sending and receiving of e-mails through Microsoft outlook application, or still during the start-up stage of the Microsoft Outlook application. Outlook users are strongly recommended to have an appropriate check of the right cause, which can be resp...
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How to Setup Microsoft Outlook? Dial Outlook Support Number

  • Are you fed up of using your email service's web inbox? It might bequite tough to organize and manage your mails from a web browser interface. If you are a regular email user, you may find Outlook to be a bit more powerful. You can quickly enter information in your email account and start sending and receiving emails in minutes. It is a handy way to chit-chat with your customers, friends, families and colleagues directly without any delay or without waiting anymore. But before making it in use you should first setup your Microsoft Outlook account on your operating device. In case you don’t have an idea regarding the setting up process, you can lend a hand in performing the same with expert team via dialing Outlook Support NumberThe best benefit you will ever get with such amazing helpline number is you may call on this number anytime also from anywhere else as it is 24 hours 7 days in a week accessible support service number.


    Different Possible Methods To Setup Microsoft Outlook

    Here are the given instructions lead you to effortlessly setup your Outlook account within a couple of second. So, you are just beyond the real answer that might you were looking for since a long time. Hence, give a check on the below noted points:


    Method 1: Configuring Gmail


    You can setup your Outlook with configuring Gmail. To do so, follow the provided steps:


    1. Enable IMAP Mail in Gmail: Enabling IMAP allows the two-way communication and it is also better for checking email on immense devices. To bring IMAP enable, go through these steps:


    1. First sign-in to Gmail and then click the Gear icon from the upper-right corner
    2. Tap “Settings”
    3. Click the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab
    4. Select the "Enable IMAP" radio button
    5. Hit on "Save Changes" button
    6. Now, open Outlook


    1. Enter the required information to successfully connect to your Gmail account and receive email
    2. After that enter your account information correctly


    1. Once you configure Gmail, you can start using Outlook to send and receive mails or messages through your Gmail account



    Method 2: Configuring Yahoo


    Though, you can easily be setup your Outlook when you configure Yahoo mail. To do the same, follow the given directions:


    1. Enable POP Mail In Yahoo
    2. First sign into Yahoo Mail and after that click the Gear icon from the upper-right side of the home page
    3. Click “Settings”
    4. Click “Edit”
    5. Select POP
    6. Choose your POP spam option by clicking the drop-down menu
    7. Avoiddownloading spam email
    8. And then click “Save”


    1. Once the POP mail gets enable, open your Outlook account


    1. Enter your incoming mail information (POP3) and the outgoing mail information (SMTP) into the required field


    1. Beside entering server information, you also need to enter your account information


    1. Click the “Advanced” tab


    1. Now, send and receive emails once you have configured Yahoo


    Obtain Microsoft Outlook Support to Get Effective Ideas


    Don’t feel blue! If you walked through the whole above written procedure but unfortunately still unable to setup Outlook as we have highly experienced and knowledgeable team of specialists who will assist you. Get reliable and efficacious Microsoft Outlook Support via dialing the noted helpline number. It is guaranteed that the right guidelines will be delivered to you within the least time of interval.

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