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  • MyLeague is the best mode in NBA 2K, because there is no other mode that allows you to do many things from the current, past and present angles. Regardless of the mode, NBA 2K20 MT Coins plays an important role. A recent example comes from YouTuber Clique Productions. He took the art of NBA scenes i...
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  • On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli classic wow gold landing, Hamilton great grandson Matthew Hamilton, from Albion Park, will share his story during a special two part series on Channel Seven Sunday Night. "It one of those things; it pretty amazing when you really think about it," Matthew told the Mercury. "When I was younger I sort of knew my great grandfather got a medal in the war for bravery [but] I didn think much about it.

    THE exhibition at the Lovett Gallery until May 14 is both book launch and school holiday activity, as well as a chance to see Liz Anelli's sketches and finished illustrations for Desert Lake: the story of Kati Thanda Lake Eyre. The cycle of events from salty desert to flood fuelled burst of life and back to desert makes a powerful story. Despite the infrequent inundation, frogs and other life forms survive for years in the mud under the salt, waiting for the lake to reappear as storm waters drain into it from an area the sixth of Australia.

    They tell me it is a server problem and they are continuing to trying to fix the issue. That in itself is tiring. My husband uses bill pay through their site, and he is pissed off most of the time about it. Past TASbot blocks have been unpopular but I think that was more of a problem of execution rather than concept. I think it was last AGDQ where they did a TASbot run of a Mario ROMhack with new mechanics that probably 99% of people watching weren familiar with so it was really hard to fully understand or appreciate what was going on, and the person doing commentary wasn even familiar with the game either so they couldn help out. Contrast that with this TASblock where they had games that most people are familiar with and that are easy to follow even if you not, and with the really solid commentary all the way through, and this was a much greater realization of what a TASblock can be..

    Consequently, the research translates learning from Bathore, where the practices and experiences of housing have been formed through conditions of protracted scarcity. Through a critical examination of the settling and house building process, as well as the participatory strategies used in the upgrading programme, the objective of this research is to mobilise learning from Bathore for the Protohome project. In doing so, the research draws from post colonial scholarship, and activates this through the philosophies and practices of Participatory Action Research.

    Get the biggest daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThe video shows a bike with two riders on driving at speed across the Gorsey Lane and Sterrix Lane junction, near to where the incident was reported to have happened.Dashcam footage from Gorsey Lane, Litherland, appears to show young men on bicycles swerving into oncoming traffic while being pursued by gunmen on a motorbikeThe bike appears to emerge from a footpath and drive across the junction and onto Gorsey Lane, narrowly missing passing cars.The actions of the rider led those in the vehicle recording its journey to express concern over how the motorbike was being ridden and suggest it was chasing a group of males on pushbikes caught weaving in and out of traffic a split second earlier.Dashcam footage from Gorsey Lane, Litherland, appears to show young men on bicycles swerving into oncoming traffic while being pursued by gunmen on a motorbike. One cyclist has just exited shot to the left, another goes right and third person is in the middle of the shot.The junction is currently cordoned off by Merseyside Police as detectives attempt to establish whether a gun was fired in the incident.The force was called to the area just after 5.30pm following reports of a shooting.Motorbike gunman at cyclists in fourth shooting incident this weekThose reports suggested the attack had been carried out by the passenger on a motorbike and targeted at males on pushbikes.Further footage seen by the ECHO confirms the dashcam video was taken this evening, and around the same time the unconfirmed shooting was reported. I just feel really helpless"Good Morning BritainITV Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan warns Peter Andre 'you won't work here again'This was after Peter called him out for 'not being interested' in what he had to sayWeatherLiverpool weather forecast: Four days of rain but some sunshine for the weekendMet Office say heavy rain and thundery showers to make it a wet week on Merseyside.

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