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What is the appeal of Path of Exile in 2020?

  • For Path of Exile, 2020 is a particularly important year. Countless game contents including POE Currency are waiting for players to find out. Use the player's interpersonal relationships to help you achieve your mission. Maybe when players play in Path of Exile, you might have the idea of ​​"Why am I spending time on this post-2013 game" instead of playing newer games like Wolcen?

    Before starting this topic, I would like to introduce my personal situation. Since the Beta version of Path of Exile 2012-2013, I have gained a lot of joy in the game as a new player. At the time I rolled a Templar, the Lightning Shield was something that all players would find very interesting at the time. But there were too few special effects at the time, and nothing else attracted me. So I decided to give up this game temporarily, but recently saw the changes and progress of Path of Exile, the new Metamorph and Delirium alliance prompted me to restart the game. More than 200,000 players currently play online games with me. So what are the reasons for these? The article was created mainly for people who have never played Path of Exile or played for a while but quit halfway. Let them understand the playability of the current game. Whether it can attract us to start the game or ignore it to choose other games. If you are playing POE frequently, you may already know the existing features of Path of Exile.

    The biggest feature is that there is no cost to start the game. This is a blockbuster feature. This is the fundamental reason why Path of Exile has been on the rise. The potential game audience is attracted by "zero yuan to start the game" and is not threatened by any risks. After downloading, people can try it for a while to see if the game meets your style. If you don’t like it, you can uninstall it at any time. There are no other disadvantages other than that it may damage the data limit for that month. The game offers an incredibly small cost. And other games also draw on the game's success model after Path of Exile is completed.

    Path of Exile's game store does not sell any items that affect the efficiency of the game, but there are some items that are convenient for players to play. Selling popular items (such as more hidden tags) will also become more convenient and can be used to improve the game experience for players. Grinding Gear Games will accept all proceeds from the game. And continuously optimize and improve Path of Exile. When it comes to content, POE has many things to improve. The most extraordinary thing is that the items sold in the game are cheaper than similar games.

    The price of these in-game items on POE's agency website will become cheaper. POECurrency, as one of the leaders, has provided countless conveniences for Path of Exile fans. At poecurrency.com, players can find Path of Exile Currency, POE Exalted Orb and POE Items which are cheaper than the official mall. And become a VIP member to enjoy a 5% discount. POE Currency Buy will cost less money. And their service is more humanized than the official one, which meets the various needs of players.