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NBA 2K20: Why is the Galaxy Opal James Harden the card that pla

  • Players need to get the new Kobe Bryant content by getting this card. However, this card cannot be purchased through NBA 2K20 MT, and can only be obtained by completing all Spotlight Sim challenges created after the NBA season is closed. In the past week, NBA 2K ’s Ronnie Singh or Ronnie 2K have been laughing at things related to the Galaxy Opal Harden card, and members of the MyTeam community have begun to doubt it and the highly anticipated cards Related to commemorate the late Kobe.

    2K has not publicly discussed Kobe's new content. But Singh heard about "new Kobe content" in the recent caffeine TV stream, which only increased people's expectations. When you combine it with the tweets hyped on the Harden card, it is a smart guess. If the Bryant card is in use, when Galaxy Opal Shaquille O'Neal is introduced into the model on Friday, it is expected to become the most unstoppable dynamic duo in the MyTeam universe portion. A Bryant card appeared to have been released during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago earlier this year, but it has apparently been withdrawn.

    Although it is not known what caused this situation, it can still be confirmed in the mode by the locker code before disappearing from the locker. O'Neill will become stronger with Kobeka's release. Kobica will be the highest rated player card. However, in this case it is difficult to obtain this card.

    Completing all Spotlight Sim challenges may also earn the pink diamond Pascal Siakam and the pink diamond Brandon Ingram, you must make it hard. It is very likely that you have to collect Harden (which means you need to complete every Spotlight Sim challenge) to get Kobe card, it seems that it must be Galaxy Opal. Having said that, if the only way to get Kobica is through this kind of grinding, it will make some people feel frustrated, this kind of grinding needs a total of 12 hours to complete. It may be a wise choice for 2K to release a smaller version of Bryant, perhaps another diamond-grade Mamba, as it currently exists. If the card is on the Triple Threat card or even included in the Daily Login spin, it may give every Kobe fan playing MyTeam an opportunity to add it to the lineup.

    Although we cannot obtain Harden card with the help of NBA 2K20 MT to obtain Kobe card content, we should not be afraid of the huge impact brought by Kobe card. We can enhance the strength of custom players by Buy 2K20 MT in the agent. Because the price of the items of the agents is much lower than the official mall and the safety can also be guaranteed 100%. So players can get a lot of Cheap NBA 2K20 MT without spending a lot of money. Players must believe that with the help of NBA 2K20 MT, even the most powerful players have a way to deal with it.